Biceps too much or just right?

  1. Biceps too much or just right?

    I started my new workout 2 weeks ago, i just wanted to check an see if i am doing Biceps too much. i work them on Mondays and also on friday? i recently had a pec injury and it wasnt fun i was out for a month just checkin dont wanna over do them injuries are not fun thanks..

  2. It depends on the workout you are doing and how often you work your other body parts. Are you doing a 4 day split and working your body twice a week?

    There's nothing wrong with blasting a body part for a couple of weeks to bring it up to scratch but I wouldn't work a particular body part more than the rest for a long period of time.

  3. No i am doin Bis an Tris mondays then legs Tuesday then off Wednesday Then Chest an Tris Thursday Friday Bis and shoulders im just worried i got 18 1/2 now and they got some pretty harsh stretch marks but look nice just hate too see the marks gettin any worst.. Thanks for the post back tho..

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