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    ive been looking around this forum quite awhile and never actually logged anything. i thought since i got the time (since ive been layed off for 3 months) i have the time now to log my workout progress. and get the critisizim i need to accomplish my goals. im just starting the 5x5 routine. also just got finished with an epi cycle and pct so hopefully this helps with maintaining gains and put more on. i was also unsure what i should start my lifts at. last week i did a practice run and did squat, bench, and rows, got my max and my fifth set on monday was approx 85% of max. maybe a little high to start but we will see.

    as of today im on day 3 first wk of my routine. im 5'7" 201lbs, approx 14-16% bf, not really sure. ill post pics later.

    current supps:
    multi vit
    creatine- before/after w/o
    bcaas- before/after/night w/o
    protein- before/after w/o
    anabolic pump- (i feel a little sensitive to carbs so i think this helps)
    rpm- hr before w/o
    cort support
    digestive enzymes

    ive been keeping a log myself.. for the first time. obviously so i can remember everthing and track my food that i eat. ive basically been eating all day mostly healthy but i got a sweet tooth.

    first day was mon 1/26

    SQUAT- 225x5, 255x5, 285x5, 315x5, 345x5
    BENCH- 185x5, 205x5, 225x5, 245x5, 275x5
    BB ROW- 135x5, 155x5, 175x5, 195x5, 215x5
    (standing, smith machine)
    (cable machine)
    HYPERS- 2x20
    (cable machine)

    i dont really count cals, carbs or anything just try to eat alot. also i dont have the time i eat things just eat and write down.

    shake before w/o with 1%milk, 1/2 cup oats, bcaas, creatine and banana
    shake after w/o with 1%milk, 1/2 cup oats, bcaas, creatine
    6oz steak
    hambuger, wheat buns, avacado, cheese, baked beans, tomato, onion
    steak sandwich, wheat bread, horseradish
    2 cheese sticks
    1/2 cup cottage cheese
    2 cups milk
    1 cup oj
    1 cup ice cream, few reeses and airheads... thats where the sweet tooth comes in

    DAY 2 TUES 1/27
    i did shoulders this day

    DB FROM GROUND SHOULDER PRESS- 40x12, 45x12, 45x12
    BB FRONT RAISES- 65x12, 65x12, 65x12
    LATERAL RAISES-20x20, 17 1/2x20, 17 1/2x15, 15x20
    DB SHRUGS- 80x10+5 quick pumps, 100x10+5 quick pumps, 85x10+5 " "
    FRONT RAISE PULL BACK- 10x30, 10x30, 10x30
    (burn out)
    UPRIGHT ROWS CABLE- 8 plates x 15, 9 plates x 15, 10 plates x 10, 7" " x 15

    17min run, 2miles at 8min each 1 min cool down


    shake before w/o 1%milk, 1/2 cup oats, banana, creatine bcaas
    shake after w/o same
    miso soup
    chicken veggie yakisoba approx 2 cups, delicious
    hambuger, wheat buns avacado, tomato onion
    2 cups milk
    a lil candy
    1/2 cup cottage cheese (ff)
    6 oz chicken breast, 1 cup yakisoba

    went to gym today will post later. and by the way my goals are to obviously gain muscle and strength. and get lean by november goining to maui for my wedding... and you dont have to comment on that one. lol! its the womans' idea of course but her parents are taking care of everything so no complaints from me.

  2. i guess its just me here...a little lonely

    WED 1/28

    today my elbow was hurting a little felt likle a tendonitist thing, i iced it a few times. also been taking the anabolic pump for a few days and it seems like i can eat anything and still stay pretty lean. also been taking rpm an hour or so before w/o and not really sure if i feel it that much. i mean i feel good at the gym but dont know if rpm really contributes that much. not sure yet.

    the w/o

    SQUAT- 225X5, 255X5, 285X5, 285X5
    DEADLIFT- 135X5, 185X5, 225X5, 275X5
    INCLINE- 135X5, 165X5, 205X5, 235X5

    everything went alright but ive hurt myself trying to do crazy weight deadlifting before. lower back still hurts a little.

    FLYS(cable)- 70x8, 80x8, 80x8, 90x5

    ABS- 10 min no break 7 different sets

    i dont think i need to post up my food eating habits, just takes time i have it for myself and thats probably good enough.

  3. well today my elbow was killing me. well still is. might go get a rubber band deal or wrap for it. maybe im not cut out for this sort of routine.. we will see. im not use to doing so many sets of heavy weight. i either go heavy 3 sets or lighter 4 sets. just wanna get on with my workout without any complications. is that too much too ask? well on to my workout

    THURS 1/29

    SITTING VBAR CURLS-65x10, 85x10, superset 105x8 85x6 65x6
    (top half)
    VBAR CURLS (3 grips wide/norm/close)-65x6x6x6, 65x7x7x7, 65x8x8x7
    REVERSE GRIP-7platesx10, 8""x10,superset 9""x10 7""x8 5""x8
    (cable mach.)
    PREACHER- 45x12, 55x10, superset 55x12 45x6 35x8 25x8
    (hammer strength)
    ABS- 4x25 weighted situps
    did a quick HIIT cardio 10 min was getting nausious

    overall went good but my damn elbow! dont really want to miss days but i might have to. on the days i bench my arm started to shake a little.

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