Tomorrow, I'll be starting a new recomp phase, and would like to log it, with weekly updates, if I get enough interest.

Duration: 10 weeks

Goals: 10 pound gain, (lean,) 8-12 pound fat loss. Have "before pics."

Starting stats: Height, 5'10" Weight, 208, Body fat% 10ish.

Diet: Modified Carb cycle codex, ala Christian Thibaudeau, (T-nation.) Less than 40 grams of low glycemic carbs for 2 days, followed by 3 days 340 grams carbs. 150 grams upon waking, 150 PWO, consisting of 50% WMS, and 50% Oat powder, and 40 grams low glycemic,(kidney beans) though out the rest of the day. 300 grams of protein will be consumed, every day, along with 75 grams of fat. Fat will not be consumed with high carb meals. Approx 4300 cals on high carb days, and 3000 on low carb days. No cheat meals will be consumed. The sixth day will be a moderate carb day,(190 grams,) 150 PWO, and 40 low GI, though out the rest of the day.

Routine: I will be working out 6 days per week: Legs, Monday, Back/Biceps Tuesday, shoulders/chest/triceps Wednesday, rinse, and repeat. After 6 weeks, I'll be switching to a one BPPD protocol. For the first day per week that I hit a muscle group set, I will be using a reverse pyramid type scheme, for the second, drop sets. 6/8/10 rep scheme for the pyramids, and 10/10/8/6/5/3 for drops. Since I'll be attempting to go as heavy as possible while completing the aforementioned drop set scheme, I will only be doing drops for squats 4 times, the last 4 weeks during the 10-week period, when I'll be doing 3 set pyramids, followed by a giant drop set. Every time I do this, with squats, I throw up, and with protein prices being what they are, I can't afford it, lol! I know call me a pu$$y; I guess I am, what I haven't been getting lately

Supplements: Thus the title of this thread. My Ultra NHA stack will consist of Forskolin 96% (Bolic,) Androstenetrione, macuna 50%(Cognitive nutrition,)/bulk l-carboxy,(USP) Bulk Nettle,65-95%, 50% icariin, longjack,(100:1,BAC), and Leucine.

Dosages: Forskolin 100 mgs per day spread out, macuna 3 grams, at bedtime, Androstenetrione,500 mgs at bedtime Longjack, 400mgs preworkout. Icariin 50% 2 grams, preworkout, Nettle, 1600 per day spread out. 30 grams leucine, spread between, pre,pwo, bedtime, and waking. I also have DIM on hand, in case estrogen gets out of control, and the andro/icariin proves to be insufficient. I will also be taking bis (maltolato) oxovanadium, and Chromium polynicotinate, with high carb meals. I haven't yet figured out the dosages of each yet, so I'll edit this post later today, when I get that figured out.

Back story: Back in August, I finished a 12 week cutting cycle. I threw the kitchen sink at that cycle, Syntheselen, Sythetine, Proviron, Trenadrol, Winztrol, Clen/Cap enhanced Napalm, Mega doses of BCAA's, 6 days per week of high intensity cardio, following 1.5 hour weight training sessions. I went from 14.6% to 8.9%, losing 30 pounds of fat. Even though I had great results, I still had the dreaded "muffin top," and lower ab fat. My ultimate goal was to get down to sub 5%. In retrospect, I would have done many things differently. I would have skipped the Syntheselen/tine, and went with TTA/Salvia. I would have skipped the 6 weeks Proviron/trenadrol/WinZtrol, and went with Var. I also would have went with 30 grams of fish oil, for the final 4 weeks. Now since the cut, I've kinda slacked off a bit. I've put an inch on to my waist, and about 6 pounds, that aren't muscle! During this cycle, I'm hoping to burn that fat, and then some, while putting on a few pounds of quality muscle, before my six week pure bulk, consisting of M-drol/Trenadrol, followed by a six-week cut consisting of Masteron, and TTA. I'm also expecting a major surge in libido. My libido was shot, for about 1.5 years, after a 10 week s-drol/trenadrol/p-plex/max lmg, (not all at the same time,lol!) the cycle ended in May of 2007, and didn't return to normalish until this past Nov. I'm doing OK now, but wouldn't mind getting back to my high school days, when I had to "excuse" myself from class, because I was surrounded by so many hot girls! Thanks bros for stopping by, and I hope to see you later.