Alright some of you may have seen my previous logs of jungle warfare and havoc. Halfway through my havoc log I had to stop. I was so torn up from hockey that I was actually walking around with a streched/torn tendon in my shoulder. I had it checked out and my doctor put me on meds and bascically told me to take it easy for months. So I did and I lost weight. A lot of it actually. Right now I am about 160.. Which is not great at all considering I was cresting 190lbs before my shoulder and during hockey.

So after all of my therapy and what not I have been FINALLY given the ok from my doctor to start doing physical activities again. I have been hitting the gym doing light weight in therapy and am now starting to do what I have used to do and I feel good doing it.

What I am going to do is go 30 days hitting the gym 4 days a week lifting as hard as I can and eating like a horse. I want to gain my weight back. So for 30 days here is what will happen.

Lifting will be done until failure. Only way we lifted in hockey so i'm doing it again. It's an altered version of dog crap. If anyone is interested i'll explain in detail.

Monday - Chest arms abs

Wednesday - Legs abs

Friday - Back shoulders traps

Saturday - Cardio (I don't want the gains to be complely fat)

Supps: Creatine, protein, and multi, low dose havoc 10 first week then 20 straight out. Low Serm/6 oxo pct

I'm going to start this log this coming monday so give me some support. I'll need it.

I'll also get some pictures up here of what i'm looking like now.