Help w/ Diet.

  1. Help w/ Diet.


    I'll b checking some past threads here but thought I'd start a new one anyway.

    Last month has been hell. Going through a divorce and dropped serious weight. I'm like 5' 9" and weigh about 150 lbs. I was weighing 170 on 6/2008.
    I have to lift heavy to gain. I have a fast metbolism.

    I still have a stash of RPM, Drive and Mass FX Extreme. I also have a pretty good weight gainer. I was pushing to reach 175, 180 when all hell broke loose. The heaviest I've ever been was 185.

    I need help with a diet that will help me gain quickly. I know I could only gain about 1 lb or 1.5 muscle a month but any weight will help.

    The only good thing about this loss is that I am really lean. I have a 6 pack and don't even do abs.

    Please any suggestions.

  2. eat a lot of natural peanut butter, and nuts in general. buy fish oil or flax oil or a combo oil, and take a tablespoon a day if fish oil, 2-3 tbsp of flax. those are the densest calories you can get

  3. I take flax seed oil pills but that's for fiber. I'll take your advice probably do some reseach on it also. Odd though never heard of this approach to gain. High protien I guess, right?

  4. For sure, but you dont have to go totally crazy with protein either. 180g a day would likely be enough.

    The high fat style is nice because it helps not force you to eat as much volume of food. I mean 4 tbsp of natural pb is equal to about 4 packets of oatmeal in total calories. So for convenience as well as speed, the high fat content is handy for extra cals while bulking. Its them being healthy fats that is critical though

  5. I know I may sound dumb here but ... how do you know you are taking 180g of protein?

    Also, do you have any suggestions for food?

    BTW: I saw you are 41 ... Just turned 40 ... I hit 185 when I was 30. Sometimes I find it harder to gain now that I'm older. Funny, everyone used to say that when I got older I would gain ... My metabolism is still fast as hell ... I eat anything and do not gain a pound ... the only way I gain is by lifting ... lifting heavy.

  6. Best bet is to use a tool like the diet tracker here or to get an idea. you dont need to be precise, anything in that general range is good. it should be spread through the day as well.

    I gain easily, i have a hard time dropping fat :P its because i'm not active outside of working out

  7. I'm not active either. One thing I do that may be affecting my weight is that I smoke. I'm quiting 1/19 ... I hope that helps. I've quit before and it hasn't made a differnce but I figure I have to quit at some point I've been smoking since I was 15. I have a 7 year old boy so I have to stop for him. Thanks for the advice ... I appreciate it. I already got the items you specified ... I'll touch base in the future and let you know how things worked out.

  8. Sorry to hear about a divorce good luck out there man!

  9. thanks for the sentiments but I'll be cool ... many men go through it. the important thing is that I have my boy. thanks again.


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