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    Thanks! I think anyone that is busting their ass is an inspiration. I trained an older lady today. She is 65 years old and just works hard. Great lady and a joy to work with.

  2. Future
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    1. Leg Ext (one leg)

    2. Front Squats

    3. One Leg Press (just count 45's)

    4. Hacks (just count 45s)

    5. Toe Raises

    6. Calf Ext (one leg on machine leg press)

    7. STanding Calf Raises

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Future View Post
    1. Close Grip Bench

    You kidding me?? Dang!

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Future View Post
    1. Front Squats
    Are these done on a smith? If not how do you hold that kind of weight in front?
  5. Future
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    Quote Originally Posted by dg806 View Post
    You kidding me?? Dang!
    LOL no there are some strong people man that do LOTS more than that.

    Quote Originally Posted by dg806 View Post
    Are these done on a smith? If not how do you hold that kind of weight in front?
    Nope. I hold the bar across the front but its gets very tough.

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    Little sun poisoning from the tanning bed...and a nice burn. I felt like crap but still trained. I was pretty weak.

    1. Incline Dumb Press

    2. Incline Fly

    3. Dumbell BP
    130x4 WTF??????

    4. Pec Dec

    5. One Arm Push

    6. Cross Body Tri Ext

    7. Kickbacks
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    Fri night:

    1. Wide Pulldowns

    2. Neutral Grip Chins

    3. Barbell Rows (med grip)

    4. Close Grip Pulldowns (v-bar)

    5. ATL Pullovers (pullovers that Chris Mason from Atlarge Nutrition showed me)

    6. Dumbell Preachers

    7. Incline Dumbell Curls

    8. EZ Curls
    Rev Curls
  8. Future
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    BIG DAY!!! Delts, hams, calves

    1. Smith Shoulder Press

    2. Dumb Front Raises

    3. Laterals

    4. Cable Laterals

    5. Lying Ham Curls

    6. Standing One Leg

    7. Back Ext (ham emphasis)

    8. Calf Ext (one leg; on machine leg press)

    9. Toes Raises

    10. Wall Raises

  9. Strong workouts Future. Did you by chance get the package AMS sent you? Should be there soon if not.
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  10. Future
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    Thanks! Nope not yet. Thanks again too.

  11. What is a "squeezer" btw? From your back day on page 1.
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    [nomedia="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UvKRq5xZK8w"]YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.[/nomedia]

  13. I always called those straight arm pulldowns. But squeezers sound more painful.
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  14. Future
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    Yeah I was corrected eventually but the name stuck.

    Elbow is a little better so I am back at it this week.
  15. Future
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    Last night it became clear that the one time I can ALWAYS count on to train is early. So I am gonna be training at 430-500 am now. Because of my depleted stated I will be training more HIT as well.

    Preworkout out: BC+EAA and Anadraulic State

    Cardio: Warmup 5 min

    1. Incline Dumbell Press

    2. Dumbell Incline Flyes

    3. Dumbell Front Raises

    4. Dumbell Laterals

    5. Pushdowns w/ vbar (HEAVY machine)

    6. Rev Tricep Ext
    strip x fail
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    430 am I hear that annoying chime creeping into my dreams. I thought it was a cool dream. Something about dinosaurs or something. I slowly lay there thinking that was REALLY not long since I went to bed. Tami was sound asleep. I quietly grabbed my clothes to be greeted by a hungry and eager kitten named Chunk. I'm starting to think he just loves me for the food.

    I went downstairs and have a scoop of Anadraulic State. I went through messages for a bit and then it was off to train.

    1. Calf Ext on Leg Press (one leg)
    Sled + 90x15
    ***started sipping my BC-EAA from LG Sciences
    Sled + 270x10
    Sled + 450x8

    2. Seated Toe Raises
    **for having no food my calves were pumped like crazy!

    3. Donkey Calf Raises
    Ok, I have a parallel leg press. I basically adjust my hips slightly and then I lean forward. This mimics the motion of a donkey calf raise. Sometimes you have to be creative when you are training.

    4. Stiff Leg Deads
    **the next three sets are done with no rest**

    5. Lying Ham curls

    6. One Leg Press
    sled +270x12
    sled +630x6

    7. Hacks
    Sled +180x12x7

    8. One Leg Ext

  17. At 4:30am I would have considered the chime a nightmare! Oh and is it possible for a cat to love you for anything BUT food?!

  18. Future....where did you go?
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  19. Quote Originally Posted by Royd The Noyd View Post
    Future....where did you go?
    LOL they just made the long trek to Arizona. So I imgine he is unpacking and settling in!

  20. Quote Originally Posted by crader View Post
    LOL they just made the long trek to Arizona. So I imgine he is unpacking and settling in!
    Ahh Thanks Crader!
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  21. Future
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    Actually yes.

  22. Looking good!
  23. Future
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    My before and after

    Started at 285...down to almost 255 and 4% bf.
  24. Future
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    Quote Originally Posted by crader View Post
    Looking good!
    Just kidding! Thanks.
  25. Future
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    Act now. Opportunities do not wait for conditions to be perfect. Persist in your efforts. Make all of your work count for something by seeing it through to the finish. Be thankful for the challenges and enjoy working through them for they are where the real value is created.
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    Long time since written in this.

    Powerlifting now. Just recently tore my calf. Rehabbing. Doing ok.

  27. Future
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    Back at it tomorrow. Started working with TNT Nutrition here in AZ.
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    Yesterday I wondered into Gold's to hit a session. I was not sure what to expect with my dieting or even the health issues I have had. But I need to get healthier so my progress is only as good as my consistent effort.

    I am still wanting to lift heavy but with lower calories and injuries I am focusing on the total tonnage of my training versus just brute strength sets.

    I took my preworkout drink of Dark Rage. That helped get me going!

    1. Neutral Grip Chins
    Bodyweight+25 lbs x 3 reps x 10 sets

    I chalked up a little bit for these. My focus was on not overstretching at the bottom to protect my shoulder while pulling upward as fast as possible. It went great...for about 8 sets. LOL Then I was beat. I easily finished all my sets but not with the same gusto as when I started. I will move up to 30 lbs next week.

    2a. JM Presses on Smith Machine super set with 2b. alternating dumbell curls
    225x 6 reps x 4 sets & 50 x 6 reps for 4 sets

    I warmed up a little but my shoulder girdle was pretty much ready to go after the chins. Everything felt good but my left shoulder did feel some pressure. I might consider using a high density stability ball to see if it helps my shoulder pain. Biceps were...well...biceps. I was fine with them but felt more pulling on my shoulder. More rehab and time to foam roll and increase my mobility will help I hope.

    FINALLY I get to my favorite area...LOWER BODY! Plus I was looking forward to hitting my Dark Matter right after.

    Lower body started with seated calf raises then moving to seated ham curls and finally hack squats. Everything was easy and with little strain on my calf.

    3a. Seated Calf Raises to 3b. Seated Ham Curls to 3c. Hack Squats
    135 x 6 reps x 4 sets to 70 x 6 reps to 4 sets to 860 x 6 reps x 4 sets

    I am going to keep with this format and tempo. It was challenging but I actually felt pretty good afterwards. Elbows and shoulders feel ok.
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    Woke up at the early and angering 4 am to stumble around listening to my cat Izzy wanting me to pet her. She has this thing about bugging me when I have to pee. The "throne" is good alone time but no Izzy has to crowd me. Can't I just "go" in peace? Apparently not. I obliged her with a couple of belly rubs and back scratches.

    I have this great ability to see in the dark and hear very well. Part bat? Not sure but I managed to walk into the kitchen without a hitch manuvering a million of my wife's shows, toys from pets and pets themselves that think I exist to soley fill their dishes with more food.

    I pull out my trusty water bottle...filled it with Dark Rage...then with gross Tucson water...but hey...Dark Rage makes it all better. It's like the salsa of preworkout drinks.

    Next is the looming task of waking my wife. My annoying ringer on my Android alarm didn't even make her stir. Hmmm....what would this morning bring? ALWAYS BEWARE THE SLEEPING GIANT! Well, she was up and making the bed...and naked. I stood taking it all in (thank you God for my eye sight in the dark!). She's is my bride.

    Bags were packed for the day. Work bags, workout bags, clothing bags and lunch bags were all packed and sitting by the door. Tami was off getting ready in the bathroom. She was quiet. NOT A GOOD SIGN. So I sheepishly poked my face in the bathroom and asked if she needed help. She asked me to get her lunch ready after letting me know what she wanted...plus I added some Dark Matter for post workout...and Pop Tarts.

    I had sign up the the PREMIUM version of SLACKER radio. Say what you want but the name alone is way cooler than PANDORA...which always makes me think of that annoying Sargeant from AVATAR anyway.

    Ok...workout written out? CHECK!

    Headphones? CHECK!

    Keys? CHECK!

    I finished feeding Chloe and Lycan. I sat out on the deck with them while I sipped my Dark Rage. Ahhhh! Peaceful. The air was actually sorta cool. Very nice. This was my calm before the storm where I do what I do best...unleash some righteous indignation on the metal!

    Tami and I headed to Gold's. She was still sleepy but willing to get her but in the gym while so many slept away the best time of the day.

    Training for me has been tough over the last 6 months. I have moved some great weights for myself but the injuries and Valley Fever have been tough to beat. My training is about not giving up but knowing my limits. I have focused on total tonnage while moving at a faster pace. I am able to still build muscle and strength while letting things heal. I am also working to get leaner as well so this is something I think is the best plan for me.

    Here we go...........

    1. Floor Presses (Smith Machine)

    I wish this was actually a smoother machine but it was pretty hard. If not for my shoulder I think I should have tried just free bar pressing instead. It was still ok but not ideal.



    315x3x10 *60 seconds rest*

    2a. Romanians with Safety Squat Bar

    I like the thicker bar while working my grip with the double overhand. Felt great.


    2b. Swiss Bar Overhead Presses

    Wow this was tough. My shoulder is weak but this is what I need to improve: GET BACK TO OVERHEAD PRESSES.


    *60 seconds rest on superset*

    3a. Calf Raises

    Stack (400)x6x4

    Weak but made it with no pain! I will take that.

    3b. Dumbell Upright Rows


    3c. Overhead Tricep Extension (Smith)


    Was not sure if I would like this but my shoulder was fine and so was my bad elbow. It's a keeper for now anyway.

    I made it through the session, huffing and puffing like a dying whale, but I made it. I weighed in at 258 which is about normal lately. My nutrition guy has me stabilized at here and it seems we are just seeing what the cardio along with lifting does for me physically. Energy is overall good and my strength is steadily moving up.

    I stood outside of Gold's with my hatch of the Vibe up happily mixing my Dark Matter and started sipping it down. AH! Love that stuff. A while later I had some Pop Tarts, Up Your Mass with whole milk and a little more water. All in all a great way to start my day.


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