A little background on myself:

    I am a powerlifter whose personal bests are sq-529, bp-358, dl-606(gym-625) which were all done wearing single ply equipment, except the deadlift. Since I deadlift sumo in competition, I have only used single ply briefs under my singlet. These lifts were all done at 242 pounds exactly!! My last meet was the 2nd worst meet in my short career (I bombed out in my second meet). My last training cycle was excellent, at least in the squat and deadlift. I got personal bests in each of them, and even deadlifted 625 3 weeks prior to the meet. However, as circumstances occur, my meet day was "doo doo." My warmups felt strange, not too heavy, but very uncomfortable. So I competed, and only made 4 out of 9 lifts. It was very dissappointing to say the least. But that was not the worst of it. Two days later, I begin to get chills, and I checked my temperature...102.2 So I took some tylenol, and a few hours later, I checked my temp again.... 103.5 My wife took me to the ER and they diagnosed me with acute sinusitis (sinus infection). Got the meds, went home, started to cough real bad over night. Temperature still up over 102, so the next day, I could not breathe while lying on my back, so I sat on the floor. Called my wife, and went back to the ER. This time, the doctors did a chest x-ray, and diagnosed me with pneumonia in both lungs. So I spent a week in the hospital. Finally get home, get back to the gym 2 weeks later, and found out that the gym that I train at was closing down for good. So I had to move to a different gym, without many of the guys that I train with. However, everything happens for a reason, and I'm going to use 2009 as a year to get stronger overall (especially in the Bp, SQ, DL) and also drop this fat from my body.. I will only compete in 1 powerlifting meet this year, unequipped. I personally feel that as I get stonger without equipment (suits, shirts), my equipped strength will increase. 2009 WILL BE THE YEAR OF THE FELT-DOG!!!!!!!! At least in my world!! Powerlifting-wise, my goals are the following: Squat---529 (belt and wraps), Bench Press---365 (belt and wrist wraps), Deadlilft---704 (sumo), only a belt... I will do this in either the 198 or 220 pound weight class. Also, I will be posting my training sessions on this site, for anyone who is interested. Last thing, I am now using USP brand products (Recreate, Powerfull, and Jacked)!! My goal (body composition-wise) is to lose 25 pounds of fat in in the next 16 weeks (started 2 weeks ago) This will be my first time using anything outside of protein powder and fish oil. Anyway, I'm so glad that I found this site...... Until the next time........

    Sorry to share so much, but I said all this to say that 2008 ended on a sour note

  2. 1/14/09
    (Week 3 of Modified 5x5 program--Mike Robertson)
    1. Full Squat(70% of projected 1rm[315]--beltless, walkout)
    Worked up to 185x3x3 (Actually, my calculations were off, because I was supposed to do 200x3x3 today, but oh well, I made up for it on deadlifts.
    2. Sumo Deadlift-----Worked up to 365x1, then dropped to 275 and did a set of 20!! Each rep came up hella fast, but my endurance was way off.
    3. Walking Lunges 3x10-each leg (bodyweight only)
    4. Hanging knee raises 3x20--(bodyweight only)

    It was a decent workout, expecially the 275x20 on the sumo Deadlift. In the off season, I focus primarily on the Conventional Deadlift on my Deadlift day, and I keep up my sumo form and technique on my squat day, with 1week speed pulls, 1 week 4x6, 1 week 1x20, and 1 week straight leg sumo dl. Week 5 of the Modified 5x5 squat calls for a deload, so I won't be doing any deadlifting on that day. We will see how it works.

    Until the Next Time.................

  3. 1/15/09
    30 minutes on Stepmill
    (Aerobic mode-level 5)
    For anyone who has not ever used this piece of equipment, I must say that it is a b$&$h!! The first time that I got on it, I put it on level 10 for a 10 minute speed interval. After about 1minute, I was like It is nothing like the stairmaster or elliptical....... Tommorrow is Light BP plus accessory...

    Until the Next Time!!

  4. 1/16/09
    RE Upper (light bench plus accessory)

    1.Close Grip BP
    225x1x5(bar speed slowed drastically, so I cut it)
    2. Machine Row
    3. Overhead Military Press
    4. EZ Bar Barbell Curls
    6. Pause Bench Press---Regular grip(minimum of 1 sec pause
    at bottom) 165x3x6, 165x1x5 (Bar speed slowed at rep 5,
    so I stopped..I use this exercise to train my pause on the
    chest,then explode on the ascent. We will see how well
    it works on my test day.)
    7. 15 minute Interval on treadmill----3minutes walking
    warmup, then 60sec fast(5.5mph,6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 9.0) 60
    sec easy walk (Avg 3.5mph).
    (Dang near killed myself because my shoe came untied
    while running)
    My new gym Mantra-----**PAIN IS FUN**
    Until the next time........

  5. Good luck and keep it up!



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