Getting Back to Old Self and Beyond

  1. Getting Back to Old Self and Beyond

    Right now I am 186.4 I am def higher than my prev 188.4 @ 10.4% bodyfat. I am aiming to achieve my old strength and physique and hope to surpass it. I have been lazy and due to economic situation cash has been an issue, school has been a bitch and life in general has sucked. Please enter feedback to assist me. Pics coming. I havent fallen off too much but i def have gotten a good bit weaker and a bit more bf%.

    I need to hit 230 or 235 12 times to be at my old max for bench and 405x8 for squats. Then I can start to make some real gains Wish me luck

    Old self (with flash):

    Wish me luck and plz post routines in order to get this muscle memory in full gear

  2. How do you make Youtube links???



    Not too bad workout today.. Im hoping to hit 225x12 by the end of the month think i can do it?

  3. 188.2


  4. Good luck, and it looks like your starting off well.

  5. 225x10 now

  6. 240x6
    275x4 (on smith machine)

    weigh 191.0 as of tonight

  7. 245x5

    Feb 10, 2009 : 245x6, 225x12


    280x5 (smith)

  8. 235x9 @ 191.2 lb

  9. 230x9, 225x10 @ 188.8

  10. 250x6 (2 done after racked) so i guess 250x8?


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