CellWarriors ComeBack Log

  1. CellWarriors ComeBack Log

    Well I'm pretty new to this site. So far I'm digging it. I'm a Member on Musclemayhem, but haven't posted for a long time over there.

    Old Log...
    Is over on Musclemayhem under screen name S.W.A.T...The Pic on my avatar is me. Back when I hitting the Gym, Before I was married and before I had a Kid.
    It's bee a rough year. Had surgery, job hours have been changing weekly. Been going from Days to nights to evenings.

    But everything is falling together and looking good for the new Year. I've lost a good 20lbs of solid muscle in the last few months. So I'm really waiting to get back to the iron again.

    First night back will be here in a Couple of Hours before work.

    My main goal for the first 3 months is to gain as much muscle as possible with out getting to fat. I'm not really going to watch Carbs or Calories. Just Protein intake. Looking to get 300g or more a Day.

    I have two different gyms to work out at. Ones at work and kind of old. Just has your Basic stuff. Nice thing is, No one is every there. The other is my local gym and t has some nice equipment, but seems to be packed at all hours.

    I'm guessing I will gain the first 10lbs back with in a few weeks. I was up to 190lbs. I'll get my weight at the gym tonight to see where I stand. I'm guessing 165.

    Other Stats: Age 28
    I hate to post this. Kind of sad.
    Biceps: 15.25in
    Chest: 41.5in
    Thighs: 23in
    Calves: 15.5in
    Waist: 31in
    Height 5'9

    There isn't going to be a lot with diet in this log. As I won't be following a tight diet plan. In the past I have always gained pretty easy and been able to lift hard and recover faster then normal. DC Training worked very well for me. So hitting each body part twice a week is fine for me.

    Plan is to hit each body part heavy and hard once a week. But I will also hit that same body part later at lighter weight, but higher Volume.

    Here is a Pic of my starting point.
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  2. Supplements I'll be taking. I tend to take a few supplements when starting back up. Helps me stay in the Gym so I don't waste my Money. Gives me those quick gains. To keep me motivated.

    I've done about every Supplement known to man kind. Best to date was M1T.. best OTC every produced. My staples are Creatine, Potassuim, Zinc, Magnesuim, DIM, Milk thistle, Saw Palmetto and Heavy Weight Gainer 900...

    I've decided to step it up and go with a nice Potent Pro-H Stack.

    P-Plex/D-Drol stack.

    First 3 weeks. Just P-Plex
    4th Week. Finsh up the P-Plex and Start the D-Drol
    last 3 weeks. Finsh up the D-Drol.

    Taking Cycle Support through the entire cycle. Finishing it off with some Formadrol and Androstenetrione. Along with Tribulus. (Which I think is a Waste. But I have some here) I think all this with my Staple Supplements. I should be ok. I tend to have less sides from these things. Or the ones I've tried in the past. Well see. I'll try and keep a nice log as I go along for the next 3 months. Plan is to get up to 195lbs.

  3. Weighed last night at 173lbs.

    Worked out Chest, Back and Calves.
    I left my note book at the GYM...

    Anyway. Last night was a Heavy Chest, High Volume Back and Heavy Calves.

    Chest (Heavy)
    3x DB Incline Bench
    3x Machine Incline Bench R/P with a Static Hold and Extreme stretch

    Back (Volume)
    T-Bar 4x15
    V-Handle Cable Pulls 4x12
    Reverse Grip Pulldowns 4x10-12

    Calves (Volume)
    Calf Press 4x 25

    I didn't get chest heavy enough. I under estimated how much I lost. I warmed up with 65lbs and jumped to the 80's for my 3 sets. Banged out 14 the first set. To high.. I'll jump to the 90's next week and see. On Machine Bench I did a Rest Pause. This way I know I took the muscle to Failure. But once again.. I didn't choose heavy enough weight.

    This first week will be all off. As I'll dial in how much weight I need to be using. The 2nd week should be golden and start to feel like a real workout again.

    My Plan is to hit every Muscle Group twice a Week.

    Day One:
    Heavy Chest
    Volume Back
    Volume Calves

    Then on Day four. I'll come back to Chest and back, but Chest will be Volume and Back will be Heavy. I will use a R/P style on Back as well. This makes sure I'll go heavy enough and still go to failure.

    Whats everyone's thoughts?

  4. looks good i had the same issue but it was an injury i came back from you pic still shows you in pretty good shape. Only thing i might say for advice is don't go too heavy to quick the ph's will give you strength that your joints and ligaments might not be ready for.

  5. I haven't started the PH's yet. I wanted to get back into the swing of things. Maybe in 3 weeks. I'll start those. I've done PH's in the past. Pro-Mag 25, Methyl-V-Test, and M1t back in the day.

  6. Good luck in Re-Building the body. I am starting a cut right now but then ease into a bulk. I am interested in your log because we are kind of similar in size, but I have never been up to your old size.

    Good Luck!

  7. Gone to the Gym 3 times this week. Next week will be 100% full on. I just wanted to kind of warm up and let my body know whats coming..

    Today was kind of a Full body work out. Not a fan of full body work outs. Unless your dieting and using it has Cardio. Anyway...

    I'm up to 175lbs..

    Today's crap
    DB Curls 35/10, 40/12, 45/11
    Straight Bar Curls 110/14, 110/13, 110/12
    Rope Press Downs 100/15, 100/15, 100/12
    Machine Flat bench 225/17, 225/14, 225/8
    V-Handle Cable Rows 115/12, 115/10, 115/8
    Leg Press 300/15, 300/15, 300/15
    Calf raises 220/15, 220/12, 220/12

    This week as pretty much been a week to figure out how much weight I need to start with next week so I don't waste anytime and effort to get a good work out. Got the blood pumpin and feeling good already. Next few weeks will be interesting to see what happens.

  8. Well this is my Friday. Finshed off the week with Shoulders and a few sets of Squats.

    DB Military Press Warmed up with a couple sets of 45's and then 55's. Did 3 sets with the 70's. Flet pretty good.

    Moved on to Side and Front Cables. I S/S them. 3x10-12 on each. From there I went to the Rear Delt Machine. 3 sets of 10.

    I did a few sets of Squats. Nothing to heavy. Just wanted to get a feel for them again. I'll hit them heavy the up coming week.

    Weight today was 176.5lbs

  9. Today was Heavy Chest and Light Back.

    DB Incline Bench: 10/75, 9/85, 6/90
    Wide Grip Machine Bench: 15/250 +6/250 +3/250 =24 SH 20sec
    Pec Dec: 10/120, 10/120, 10/120 Good heavy Stretch

    Machine Rows: 7/180, 8/135, 8/135
    Machine Pulldowns: 15/130, 10/130, 8/130
    Lawn Mowers: 12/45, 10/45, 9/45, 8/35

    Smythe machine: 16/270, 15/270, 10/270

    Hanging Leg Raises: Just Bodyweight 15, 12, 5
    Drank to much water..lol

    Updated Pic's. Kind of been eating a little leaner. Which I don't normally do.
    Attached Images Attached Images   

  10. Biceps, Tripcep and Forearm Day...

    Heavy Biceps, Volume Triceps

    Alt. DB Curls: Warm up 10/35, 10/45, 7/50, F/55, 8/35
    Preacher Curls: R/P 12/80 +6/80 +4/80 22reps 15sec Static Hold

    Rope Pressdowns: 20/120, 15/130, 9/120, 10/110
    Weighted Bench Dips: 12/35, 13/35, 10/35
    Cable Kickbacks: 6/30, 10/20, 11/20

    Rev. Cable Curls: 12/80, 11/80, 7/80

    Weight: 177lbs... Lost a 1/2 in my waste too.

  11. Pics look good, your strength looks good . . . gotta love muscle memory!

    How long does it take for PP to kick-in? I know that Hdrol takes about 4 wks and epi you see gains in wk 3.
    -OMEGA RecoverBro-
    When an omega male is born it's game over

  12. Quote Originally Posted by p5sky View Post
    Pics look good, your strength looks good . . . gotta love muscle memory!

    How long does it take for PP to kick-in? I know that Hdrol takes about 4 wks and epi you see gains in wk 3.
    Not sure. I haven't started anything yet. I have always responded well to PH and PS. I've used many things in the past and done well off most of it. M1T and Pro-Mag 25 have been the best two I have taken. The only one I have taken in the last 2 years was a bottle of Methyl-V-Test. Which was pretty harsh.

    If Hdrol takes 4 weeks to kick-in? How long does it stay in the system and still work?

  13. Well I've had a few good works out the last few days... Here is todays. I missed yesterday so I had to adjust the rest of the week out. Today was supposed to be Biceps, triceps and Forearms.. I missed Chest and back yesterday. So what I did was did yesterdays work out and at the end did a Super set for Biceps and Triceps. Tomrrow is Legs. Then the next was supposed to be Chest and back again. But I'll make it Arms. Then finally Chest and back again to finish out the week.

    I've cut back on Mt.Dew alot these last couple of weeks. Didn't eat mush the last day or so. I dropped 4lbs the last 2 days... But over all look is great.

    Anyway.. Todays work out...
    Heavy Chest
    DB Incline bench 8/80, 8/90, 8/95, 5/100
    Incline machine bench 245lbs 16+8+5=26 SH/20sec

    Volume Back
    T-bar 12/100, 11/100, 10/100
    Rev. Grip Wide Pulldowns 13/100, 12/100, 9/100
    V-handle Cable Rows 14/115, 13/100, 13/100

    Alt DB Curls 10/35, 6/35, 5/35
    Weighted bench Dips 15/45, 21/45, 17/45

    Calf raises 12/230, 14/230, 14/230

    Need to increase my weights in incline machine bench to bring down the total Rep near 14. My Arms got shot pretty quick supersetting them.

  14. You're in pretty good shape and have a solid frame. You'll easily get back to where you were.

  15. Legs and Shoulders

    Front Squats 12/135, 8/175, 4/175
    Leg Press 10/360, 10/360, 10/360
    Walking Lunges 30ft/80, 30ft/80, 30ft/80, 30ft/80 Killed me...
    DB Military Press 20/40, 12/50, 8/50
    DB Shurgs 15/55, 15/55, 15/55
    Rear Delt machine 12/80, 10/80, 10/70

  16. Been Sick, along with all the little ones...

    Went last two days...

    Back and chest.. For got my Workout log...

    Went this Morning..

    Weight 175lbs..

    biceps, triceps,Forarms, Calves

    Alt. BD Curls 10/35, 10/45, 10/45, 6/50
    Preacher Curls 13/75 + 4/75 + 3/75 SH 20sec
    RopePress Downs 20/120, 17/120, 12/120, 9/120
    Weight bench dips 20/45, 15/45, 13/45
    Cable Kickbacks 10/20, 10/20, 7/20
    Calf Press 20/240, 20/240, 20/240, 20/240
    Pizza Pies (Delts) 8/10, 7/10, 6/10

    Tread Mill 5min @ 6mph

  17. Recap of the last couple of Weeks. Not every workout is here.

    Really weak day, Wasn't feeling it. Weight 173lbs
    Chest-Back and Calves
    DB incline bench 10/70, 8/85, 11/70
    Incline machine bench *DC* [email protected] 275lbs SH 6sec
    Pec Dec 12/80, 10/80, 10/80
    V-Handle Standing Cable Rows 18/190, 15/190, 13/190
    Lawn Mowers 12/45, 10/45, 10/45
    Rev. grip Pulldowns 11/100, 4/100
    Calf Press 20/310, 20/265, 22/310

    Triceps, Biceps and Forearms
    Weight 173lbs

    Rope pressdowns 15/120, 15/130, 9/140, 11/120
    Decline Skull Crushers *DC* 9+6+4+3=22 @75lbs
    Alt DB Curls 10/30, 10/35, 6/40
    Straight bar cable curls *DC* 11+7+4+3=25 SH 15sec
    BB Wrist Curls 25/Bar, 25/Bar, 25/Bar
    Incline Twist Crunches 25, 22, 18

    I started A new Work out. I just wasn't feeling this last one. I loved DC training, but my Gym isn't DC friendly as in Nice machines. I do have a Gym I can use that is, but it's slammed and to busy this time of year to try and get a good work out in.

    So I switch back to a more main stream work out style.

    Day One Chest-Calves-Abís
    Incline DB bench 4x10-12
    Machine Flat Bench 4x10-12
    Decline Bench 4x10-12
    Calf Raises 3x20-25
    Incline Crunches 3x20-25
    Weighted AB machine 3x15-20

    Day Two Biceps-Triceps-Forearms
    Alt. DB Curls 2x10-12
    Straight Bar Cable Curls 4x12-15
    Incline Cons Curls 4x10-12
    Over head Cable ext. 4x12-15
    Decline Skull Crushers 4x8-12
    Close Grip bench 4x8-12
    BB Wrist Curls 3x20-25

    Day Three Quads-HamStrings-Calves
    Leg Ext. 4x10-12
    Squats 5x5
    Leg Press 4x10-12
    Leg Curls 4x10-12
    Calf Press 3x20-25

    Day Four Back-Forearms
    Hyperextensions 2x15
    Deadlifts 5x5
    V-Handle Cable Rows 4x8-12
    Wide Grip Pulldowns 4x8-12
    Rev. Grip Cable Curls 3x20-25

    Day Five Shoulders-Calves-Abís
    Military DB Press 4x10-12
    Rear Delt Machine 4x10-12
    Front Cable Pulls 3x10-12
    Side Cable Pulls 3x10-12
    Calf Raises 3x20-25
    Hanging Leg Raises 3x Failure

    So I've already done Arms, Chest and Back this week. I've started my new workout in the middle of the week. So I starting in with Leg day. Which is Day 3.

    I started a Short 3 week Cycle of D-Drol. 2 Caps a day. Cycle Assit and PCT all lined out. I might go 4 weeks with it. Just seeing how I feel by week 3. The stuff is harsh. Starting Weight 173lbs

    This numbers sucked today. Last night went out to feed the dogs. had a 50lb bag of dog food on my shoulders. Stepped outside on some ice I didn't see. Over stretched my groin. So all my squats and Leg press I had to have my feet touching while lifting. If not I couldn't push through hard enough. I could still feel it, but not that bad. I still had a great work out and felt great.

    Leg ext. 12/48, 12/90, 12/90, 10/90
    Squats 5/135, 5/155, 5/175, 5/195, 5/215
    Leg Press 12/270, 12/270, 10/270, 9/270
    DB Stiff Leg Deadlifts 12/80, 12/80, 11/80, 10/80
    Calf Presses 24/240, 25/240, 12/240 Cramped up...

    Shoulders- Weight 176.5

    DB Military Press 12/40, 12/50, 12/60, 12/60
    Rear delt machine 12/80, 12/80, 12/70, 10/70
    Front Cable Pulls 11/20, 10/20, 10/20
    Side Cable Pulls 12/20, 10/20, 10/20
    Calf raises 25/220, 20/220, 24/190
    Incline Leg raises 15, 10, 8

    I'd like to add I was drinking way to much Soda. About 3-4 Mt.Dews while at work and not near enough water. Well I've cut back to just one Mt.Dew at work and drink water allday long. Started this last week. I think that is what caused my 3 or 4lb weight loss so quick.

  18. Been at the Gym all week. Been doing good. I'll bring home my log book tomorrow and post up the numbers..

  19. Well here is the update from last week.

    This last week has been great. Up to 177lbs and the waist is getting thinner too. Normally when I get up close to 180lbs I donít have to wear a belt with my pants. 32's... I still have 3 notches left...YA

    I had train all week and we had long lunches. So I trained during that time while everyone else went to eat. Save me some dough to. I brought a sack lunch and after lifting down a nice shake.

    I had 4 days to get 5 works in... So the first one was A push and pull to get Chest and back in.

    Incline DB bench 12/60, 12/85, 11/95, 12/75
    Decline machine bench 12/225, 13/305, 11/305
    Pec Dec ( nice good heavy stretch ) 10/100, 10/100
    DeadLifts Light weight 12/155, 12/155, 12/155
    V-Handle cable rows 12/115, 12/130, 12/145, 12/30
    Wide grip Pulldowns 12/115, 10/115, 10/115
    Calf Raises 25/220, 20/220, 20/220

    Squats 5/225, 5/245, 5/265, 5/225
    Leg Press 12/360, 11/360, 10/360, 9/360
    Leg ext. machine Broke..
    Walking lunges 40ft 4 sets 80lbs
    Alt. DB Curls 10/45, 10/50, 10/45, 10/45
    Bench Dips 12/45, 12/45, 15/45, 12/45
    Cable Cons Curls 8/50, 10/50, 9/50
    BB Wrist Curls 27, 25, 20

    Military DB press 12/60, 12/60, 7/60, 12/50
    Rear Delt machine 12/80, 12/80, 12/70, 12/70
    Front Cable Pulls 12/20, 11/20, 12/20
    Side cable pulls 11/20, 12/20, 9/20
    Calf Presses 31/215, 25/140, 27/240
    Extra: DB Incline bench 10/80, 10/90
    DB PullOvers 10/50, 10/60

    Over Head Cable Pulls 12/120, 15/130, 13/140, 12/130
    Decline Skull Crushers *DC* 10+6+5+5=26 SH.. 15sec
    Close grip bench 12/225, 10/225, 10/250, 8/205
    Alt. DB Curls 12/40, 9/40
    Straight Bar Cable Curls 12/130, 9/130, 12/120, 10/120
    Incline Cons Curls 11/30, 10/30, 9/30

    I had a VollyBall Tournmant all day yesterday. We ended up getting 2nd over all. I filled in for another team for 3 extra games. Played 9 Games total. Started at 9am left at 4:30pm... Thats the Cardio for the week.

  20. Well this week is screwed up some. I've been having some weird spells. A little over a week ago I passed out twice. Then 2 days ago after my workout I wasn't feeling good and my Blood pressure was 169/65 and I was shaking and had the chills. I think the D-Drol is Done... 3 weeks was enough.. I didn't get my Cycle Assit in till 2 weeks and started it then. Starting PCT and not touching in PH for a while. Not sure was causing it, but my Doc wants me to wear a Heart Monitor All dat Monday..

    Anyway.. So I had 3 days off this week to get my bearings back..

    Day One:
    Incline DB Press: (Nice and Slow) 12/70, 11/90, 12/80, 12/70
    Machine Flat bench: 12/305, 10/305, 10/245, 10/245
    Decline Machine bench: 12/205, 12/215, 12/215, 13/215
    Pec Dec: 12/90, 12/90 Nice good stretch
    Calf raises: 20/220, 25/220, 22/230, 20/220
    weight Abs: 25, 15, 15
    Stair Master: 10min

    Took 3 days off

    Day two:
    Alt DB Curls: 12/35, 12/40
    Striaight bar Curls: 12/130, 12/130, 12/130, 12/130
    Incline Cons Curls: 12/30, 12/30, 12/30, 9/30
    Over Head Cable ext: 12/120, 12/120, 12/120, 12/120
    decline Skull Crushers: 12/75, 12/75, 12/75, 12/75
    Bench Dips: 12/45, 12/45, 12/45, 12/45
    BB wrist Curls: 20, 20, 20
    Leg Press: 25/360, 25/360, 25/360, 23/360

    I'll hit back and Hams tomrrow.

    Weight is 178.5lbs

  21. good log man. keep up the good work.


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