8 yrs solid training
diet down
5' 9 1/2"
about 185/187 lbs 10percent body fat
Diet down well
supps right now:
multi v, glucosamine/msm/chondriotin, zma, fish oil, flax oil, dhea, hawthorne berry, COq10, garlic, celery seed, milk thistle, saw palmetto, red yeast rice

This will be my first steroid cycle, i really didnt want to mess with anything otc, but have decided to go with IBE epistane since it is relatively safe.

Right now im doing ckd, and have been for 12 days just started my carb up today, lost about 3 percent body fat 5-8lbs already. I was wondering after another week when i start bulking again, how my carb intake should be and how to introduce carbs back into my diet.

So i have decided to run epistane like this:
Week 1: 10/20/30mg----->
Week 2: 30mg---->
Week 3: 30mg---->
Week 4: 30mg---> maybe bump to 40mg

week 1: 120 mg Torem 4 days 90mg
week 2: 90mg
week 3: 60mg
week 4: 30mg

Formestane-AI- question on this also ..i know i taper this up.. wondering whether to start this the first week or the third week... i have heard lots of conflicting info.. also can anyone reccomend me a good dosage for this?

Lean xtreme-cortisol blocker
Diesel test hardcore- test booster

If i feel like the torem dosages are an overkill i will switch to
Day 1-5 = 120mg Torm
Day 6-21 = 60mg Torm
Day 22-28 = 30mg Torm

I am hoping to gain ten solid pounds.. and keep body fat below ten percent.. hoping to finish with maybe 8 percent.. i feel im have maxed out genetically far more then 75 percent of the ppl i read about on this site that use havoc/episatne and successfully gain 20lbs.

1RM estimates

squat-405(recent knee injury- havent used more then 225lbs on the bar for reps)
deadlift- 385 prob more

Thank you for all help