Dirty South Texas Style Training Log...

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  1. Exclamation Dirty South Texas Style Training Log...

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=imUnHTE9Ir0"]YouTube - Dope Die MF Die[/ame]

    Whats Up Fellas I'm setting up one log so that i dont have to run back and forth constantly between the two. In this I will be detailing any workouts, training, diet tweaks that i make. If you have any questions or comments please let them come.

    Workout/ Training Style
    My new workout style is quite different than anything I have done before. As you all know I like to experiment quite a bit with training techniques, but now I am running something I have never done before. I will be doing approximately 3 sets of 15 reps to develop a "skin Tight pump", from there I will run approximately 3 working sets (Hard Lifting). I know this is not typical style, but its something I saw that interested me. I usually do Grappling 2 times or so a week for X amount of time.

    I'm not currently monitoring my macros. I estimate somewhere around 300G protein, 200G carb, 50G+fat. Not really too sure to be honest.

    This varies greatly. At the moment I am using ZMA & ZMA-5 (alternating every 3 days), Juice Plus Orchard & Garden Blends, All they Whey Cupcake Batter Protein, Pslin (on occasion)

    What I will be noting

    Weight: (Bi weekly on Mondays)
    Tonights Supplements
    Muscle Groups: Legs

    Mental Notes
    • Intensity-
    • Strength-
    • Sleep-
    • Mood-
    • Motivation-
    • Energy-
    • perspiration/Thermogenic-
    • aggressive-
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  2. What about all your other logs?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Rugger View Post
    What about all your other logs?
    The cut and Bulk? They are all in this...if thats what your asking? I have a ZMA & ZMA-5 going over at Bodybuilding dot com
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  4. yeah im just transfering it over to here. So i can just put all my stuff in one log. makes it easier for me. It wasnt sponsored or anything so its not a big deal
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  5. subbed for subbing mine,haha.

    Goodluck with this new breed of transformative logs, i hope the test booster creation works out well here.

  6. Weight: 167 empty stomach
    Tonights Supplements
    -ATW protein
    -Juice Plus

    Muscle Groups: Chest
    The new workout is very nice. 3 sets of 15 building up the blood flow and pump on each exercise, followed by 3-4 working sets of 5 reps. This has me the best feeling I have experienced in awhile. Amazing pectoral pump tonight and very nice vascularity. Today on the flat bench though I had an extreme pain in my left front delt on all throughout my working sets. Not quite sure what it was, but i had to lower my weight significantly due to it.
    • BB Flat press
    • BB incline Press
    • Cable Flyes

    Mental Notes
    • Intensity- very nice, the pump gets me more motivated than a pre-workout
    • Strength- Not good on the Flat bench, however I was pleased with Incline
    • Sleep- didnt get much last night because I had a Biology Lab final today. 50 questions fill in the blank...no word bank. Damn college sucks.
    • Mood- I had extreme anxiety today because of the test and was really pissed off because I dont think i tested well. However during the workout I was in the mood to push some nice weight, I felt light headed afterwards because i pushed it hard.
    • Motivation- very nice. Vascularity and feeling swole always gives a nice motivation
    • Energy- very nice. I was pumped today. ready to work it.
    • perspiration/Thermogenic- Today was the first day I have sweated during a workout in quite a while so i enjoyed it quite a bit.
    • aggressive- attacked the weights!
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  7. As you can see...vascularity is really starting to come out nicely. I would like to add these pictures are approximately 2-3 hours after workout, so no workout pump is left. Vascularity is just rediculous during workout
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  8. subbin in bud.
    nice vid at the beginning too.
    SFW and GFH

  9. nice job, i like those veins on your shoulders.

  10. Best of luck


    • Inarius- Thanks for joining!
    • ari4216- Thanks for joining!
    • volcomx311- and thanks for joining!

    I look forward to everyones input. I am hoping to get some pretty knowledgeable people in here.
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  11. btw you sent me a broken link.
    SFW and GFH

  12. Damn bro ! What happened to your delts !? 6-8 week hiatus from the boards, and come back stronger than ever, huh ?!

    In for this run !
    VikingInc On a Fat-SMOLDERING Journey, Sponsored by Southland Performance Products

    - My Quest To Reach 200 lbs. Is Officially In The Making!

  13. Quote Originally Posted by vikinginc View Post
    Damn bro ! What happened to your delts !? 6-8 week hiatus from the boards, and come back stronger than ever, huh ?!

    In for this run !
    Yeah I've got veins starting to come out of my traps which has never happened before. Its pretty exciting. My lower body situation was good up until this past week. I re-injured my tailbone and went to the onsite doctor on campus. He just gave me some antibiotics, but I feel that im going to need stitches again since my wound has reopened. So till i find out what the situation is with this Im not doing lower body.
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  14. Get busy!:good:

  15. Yes, I AM here.

    "Think like a Champion. Train like a Warrior. Live with a Purpose." - Rosie Chee

  16. Weight: N/A
    Tonights Supplements
    -ATW protein
    -Juice Plus

    Muscle Groups: Back
    Today was a nice workout. I worked on pulling the weight hard. Upped the weight quite a bit so i was impressed. I got up to sets or 120 Lbs on low rows. woo woo!
    • V grip low rows
    • wide grip low rows
    • wide grip Pull down
    • narrow grip pull down
    • seated rows
    • Pull overs

    Mental Notes
    • Intensity- very good. I attacked heavy weight today and felt it a bit more
    • Strength- going up very nicely...I think its the new amount of sets im doing.
    • Sleep- went to bed late. the lady friend chilled over here and crashed.
    • Mood- good good. Even when im not a good workout gets me pumped
    • Motivation- ready to start looking like a bat with those lats yeah yeah
    • Energy- I had quite a bit. didnt wanna leave the gym.
    • perspiration/Thermogenic- picked up some sweat today with the high amount of sets that i run as well as reps
    • aggressive-weights went up, id say thats aggressive.
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  17. Today is an off day. Recovering and getting my schedule together for next semester. I really want to hit lower body, but i cant yet. I plan to go to a third doctor over christmas break to get his opinion on surgery and stitches.
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  18. Weight: N/A
    Tonights Supplements
    -ATW protein
    -Juice Plus

    Muscle Groups: Legs
    Ok well I decided to ignore my tailbone injury and went ahead and did legs today. I have been taking very good care of it so it has been healing relatively well with the antibiotics the doctor has me on. As for the workout...it was pretty nice. I worked form and intensity. Not as much in quantity wise as i usually do because I started to feel a bit light headed. I also forgot to mention Im using a somewhat DC training. 3 warmups sets 2-3 working sets. It seems to be nicely working!
    • Deep Squats
    • BB Lunges
    • Calf raises
    • leg curls
    • leg extensions

    Mental Notes
    • Intensity- Had to push some heavy weight on squats today. Didnt have the best breathing going either. it resulted in heavy ass weight, neck veins, and bright red face...i think thats intensity!
    • Strength- deep squats with 225-275 Lbs i think is pretty good.
    • Sleep- was up real late but passed the F out.
    • Mood- happy, tired, and busy. I have a Pol Sci test tomorrow and i just found out last night...so CRAM!
    • Motivation- I was ready to get back in and kill the legs!
    • Energy- ready to whoop up the weights. Now post workout im pretty tired
    • perspiration/Thermogenic- DC seems to be increasing my perspiration which i like.
    • aggressive- see intensity
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  19. Thumbs up

    subbed!..big tex!..rip siht up,bro!

  20. Subbed and thanks for the invite bro. Lookin' lean and mean in those pics dude. Nice work. I like those trap veins. You have a very sound workout plan here. I really like it. I think the combination of heavy low rep sets with the higher rep sets will give you the best of both worlds: Testosterone and HGH secretion. You'll definitely get test surges from the heavy low rep stuff. And those higher rep sets are proven to cause HGH secretion. So this is a very sound plan. I'm here for this ride! Plus, I need the inspiration and motivation for my own workouts. So I'm going to be bleeding some intensity from you Tex. Like an insane iron-vampire!!

    "Ye are gods, and all of you are children of the most High."

  21. Alright guys will be going for a chest session tonight and a possible run on campus with my girlfriend. I will update tonight.
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  22. Thumbs up

    Quote Originally Posted by TexasLifter89 View Post
    Alright guys will be going for a chest session tonight and a possible run on campus with my girlfriend. I will update tonight.
    i'll be looking foward to it bro.rip it up texas style!

  23. whats up fellas. I didnt get a chance to lift last night because I had a mild concussion during MMA grappling. Standing armbar slammed my head. im still feeling loopy today so i may or may not go later.
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  24. lookin good bro!!!!

  25. Weight: 170
    Tonights Supplements
    -ATW protein
    -Juice Plus
    -muscle milk rtd

    Muscle Groups: Chest
    Alright so tonight was one hell of a workout! I have been going semi light to get my barbell form back. But Today i worked my way back towards the heavy weights. My Flat Bench is suffering dearly compared to my old numbers most likely because i rarely did flat DB press. I just dropped Flat press as a whole for awhile. So not integrating it back into the system has been difficult for my body to adjust to. Meanwhile I have kept up with incline. My Barbell incline is sky rocketing. It became my strength on Dumbbell and now has carried over to being a strength of mine on incline Barbell. I was very happy with tonights workout. My chest pump was outrageous. I am very happy with my current routine and current results. Also, I know I am supposed to be cutting for this show in February, but I am dieting pretty strictly anyways so am going to hold off on the strict cut and continue going for a recomp. Im feeling way too damn good with this new workout to cut. Plus I have christmas break off to DRILL the weights daily for a whole month and focus on nothing but my bodybuilding habits. Todays Incline was a PR extreme.I could have kept going, but my Partner was toast. Todays workout:
    • BB Flat press
    • BB incline Press 15x115,15x115,15x115,5x135,5x1 85,5x205,3x225 Personal Record
    • Cable Flyes
    • incline cable flyes

    Mental Notes
    • Intensity- Freaking pumped about my pr. It was heavy as hell but throw some noice in and the desire to GFH and i nailed it!
    • Strength- Incline is starting to creep up very nicely. Flat BB is struggling a bit compared to the past but it will come in due time. Form is most important
    • Sleep- Didnt sleep but maybe 3 hours. Registered @ 5am for spring classes and played 007 on N64 all night
    • Mood- happy after workout. Kinda ****ty from yesterday because of my concussion
    • Motivation- as the weights went up this went up
    • Energy- 1 monster energy pre workout wooo
    • perspiration/Thermogenic- none
    • aggressive- GFH!!!
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  26. Thumbs up

    congrats on the p.r texas!..looking good!..texas style.
    board supporter

  27. Quote Originally Posted by bslick69b View Post
    congrats on the p.r texas!..looking good!..texas style.
    thanks man. Its my first PR in quite some time. gave me a bit of cheer since its been awhile.
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  28. Subscribed!
    How are you enjoying the Cup Cake Batter?


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