~Tiger Bass' Stop Being A Fatass Log~

  1. ~Tiger Bass' Stop Being A Fatass Log~

    After not keeping track of my progress for a little over 6 months now, I realized I did much better when I had a way to hold myself accountable for all my actions. I'm starting a log back up that way I can publicly keep myself on course with my workout plan.

    Right now, I'm just using a very basic HST workout plan. Just finished day 3 of the 15 rep session. Will probably add more exercises as I become a little more conditioned to weight lifting again.

    Squat: 150x15, 150x15
    Pec Deck: 80x15, 80x15
    Weighted Crunch: 90x15, 90x15
    Assisted Dips: 70x15, 70x15
    Assisted Wide Chin Ups: 110x15, 110x15
    Seated Row: 50x15, 50x15
    Standing Shrug: 175x15, 175x15
    Cardio(Elliptical): 30min

    Body weight: 190lbs
    Height: 5'7"
    Body Fat %: ~20%+

    Currently not taking any supplements. Thinking of starting a Leviathan Reloaded/DCP stack though.

  2. Friday
    Cardio(Elliptical): 55 min

    Squat: 155x15, 155x15
    Romanian Deadlift: 145x15
    Pec Deck: 85x15, 85x15
    Weighted Crunch: 95x15, 95x15
    Assisted Dips: 65x15, 65x15
    Assisted Wide Chin Ups: 105x15, 105x15
    Seated Row: 55x15, 55x15
    Standing Shrug: 180x15, 180x15
    Cardio(Elliptical): 60min

    Bodyweight: 187 lbs

    Got really close to failure on the Dips and Chin Ups. Might need to modify my maxes on these. Added Romanian Deadlifts to my routine.

  3. Monday
    Cardio(Elliptical): 4 min warm up, 40 min HIIT

    Bodyweight: 183.2 lbs

    Going to add side bends and preacher curls to my weight lifting routine. Biceps aren't appearing to be hit hard enough with the two back exercises.

    Comments, questions, or insults would be greatly appreciated.

  4. DANG, 40 min of HIIT O_o

    Most people keep it to 15-25, but if you can take 40 then more power to ya, lol.

    What type of diet are you following?

    I am currently using Leviathan Reloaded, and it is awesome. So if you wanted to start some supps while doing this, LR/DCP would be awesome, and some poseidon also never hurts

    Good job on your progress so far

  5. In for the support!



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