My motivational log to realize my dream...

  1. My motivational log to realize my dream...

    Age: 19
    Weight: 190-195
    BF%: a lil over 20%
    Goal: Get below 15% bf

    current maxes:
    bench - 4x265lbs
    deadlift - 5x315lbs
    squat - 2x365lbs

    Finally, i decided to lose the unwanted belly i was gifted and born with... This Diet/workout log will be my motivational guide to not quit this time cause im very determined to lose this weight. Ive been lifting on and off for almost 4 years now, but seriously for about 1 year cause it was my football off season.

    Current activities:
    tuesday, wednesday, thursday - football practices
    saturday - game day
    basicaly, im lifting on my own 3times/week following max-ot program (biceps/back/forearms, chest/shoulders/triceps, legs/calves/abs)and im lifting with my class 2 times a week, but its not heavy trainning cause the programs are made by the teacher

    My weapons:
    Leftover of Venom Hyperdrive and xtend in the beginning
    CLA/Flax seed/Fish oil * 2caps * 3 times daily
    5g creatine post-workout + 1.5 scoop of whey

    im starting the anabolic diet this sunday. im giving me enough times to finalize my diet and my grocery list and trying some food that ive never ate (ie: eggs and fish...) ill post up my diet when it will be finalized

    this log will officialy start this sunday, day 1 of my new lifestyle. i will try to update it every days or 2 since i must study and play football first. ill post new pics at a 2 week interval and calculate my bodyfat at the same time with calipers.

    im wishing myself good luck to keep it up and losing my belly and not getting it back.
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  2. DAY 1
    today was the beginning of my new lifestyle. im not on the AD now but im trying to switch my carbs for fat in my meals. i weighted myself at 192lbs today and played a football game with my friends and went to the gym after to train chest, shoulders and triceps. i felt pretty good energy whise even if i have lowered my carb intake. tommorow ill post my diet

    i didnt received my calipers yet, as soon as i have them, ill post my bf%

  3. DAY 2
    i waked up this morning, took a redbull and a little bit of meat and went to the gym 45 minutes later to do my legs day.

    i switched my mind on my diet and will leave the AD since im not a fan of eating eggs and fish so there not a lot left to eat in the morning.

    my new diet macros are 50/35/15 of P/F/C, ill eat around 3000 cals a day and im gonna drop them if im not losinf anything and most of my carbs will come from oats in the morning and a little bit more after my training. im still in the process of making 2-3 sample of my diet to add a little bit of variety so i dont get bored too quick.
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  4. DAY 3
    today gonna be the hardest day yet cause i got caught off balance and my fridge is almost empty. thx to my mom who will fill it up tonight. ill try to eat pretty clean today but its gonna be hard.

    today is my back/bis/forearms day and i have a football practice tonight so its gonna be a hard day. still havent received my fat caliper and my new CLs stack : GM, PW, OT

    weighted myself yesterday at 191.8pounds, my goal is to go down to 180pounds at the very least



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