EmoXXXkid's Cut Log

  1. EmoXXXkid's Cut Log

    Hey guys. I just got into working out about 3 weeks ago and I'm trying to cut. I've never worked out before, but I'm getting really into it and am really excited about it. I've been talking to a lot of people at the gym and have been learning a lot. I met with the woman that runs the juice bar at the gym and set up a nutrition plan which is as follows:

    1st meal - Protein and Carb (typically whole grain bread or oatmeal)

    2nd meal - Protein and Fat (in the form of Pure Fish Oil)

    3rd meal - Protein and Carb (pre-workout)

    4th meal - 2 scoops of whey protein with fruit (smoothie post-workout)

    5th meal - Protein and Vegetables

    6th meal - Protein and Fat (in the form of Pure Fish Oil)

    So far I'll be trying to limit my cheat day down to a cheat meal once a week and eventually I want to eliminate having any sort of cheat meal at all. Besides the Pure Fish Oil, I am taking CytoSport Complete Whey for protein shakes 2 or 3 times daily and pre-workout I'm using Labrada Super Charge Extreme Now.

    I'll be posting my daily workouts on here along with periodic progress pictures. Also later today I'm running to the store to pick up measuring tape to take measurements to track everything. Hopefully I can get some good feedback and advice and encouragement as I go through with this.

    As for a workout yesterday I did the following:

    Alternate Incline Db curl 15/10 15/10 15/10 15/10

    Bicep Preacher curls 35/10 35/10 35/9 35/8

    Standing/Leaning Db curl 15/10 15/10 15/10 15/10

    Db Bench Press 20/10 20/10 20/10 20/10

    Cable Rope Tri Extension 4/10 4/10 4/10 4/10

    Dip Machine 35/10 35/10 35/10 35/10

    Back Extension 150/10 150/10 150/10 150/10

    I look forward to starting this log and hearing what you guys have to say about it!

  2. You should def get results following that diet

  3. Hmmmm....I wonder who helped with that diet????

  4. I had a good work out yesterday. I had a lot of energy starting off and it carried through the work out. Like I said in my previous post I said that I take Super Charge Extreme so that helps a lot. I'm learning a lot from talking to everyone at the gym and I'm excited about finally getting in shape. As for my diet here is what I had:

    8am - 2 slices of Whole Grain Toast with Protein Shake
    11am - Protein Shake with Fish Oil
    2pm - 5oz Chicken Breast with a sweet potato (pre-workout)
    5:45pm - Blueberry/Raspberry/Grape Juice smoothie with Protein
    9pm - Peanut Butter smoothie with protein
    11pm - Protein Shake with Fish Oil

    As for my work out:

    10 min on the treadmill at 3.5mph

    Alternate Incline DB Curl - 15/10 15/10 15/10 15/10

    Preacher Curl - 35/10 35/10 35/10 35/10

    Hammer Curl - 15/10 15/10 (Right) 15/9 (Right)
    15/8 (Left) 15/7 (Left)

    Arm Extension - 55/10 55/8 45/10 45/10

    Seated Dip - 70/10 70/10 70/10 70/10 (On the last set I held it down for 30 seconds on the 5th and 10th)

    ISO Front Lat Pulldown - 30/10 30/10 30/10 30/10

    Ab Crunch - 75/10 75/10 75/10

    Torso Rotation - 75/10 75/10 75/10 75/10 (both left and right sides)

    Back Extension - 150/10 150/10 150/10

    Dual Axis Chest Press - 55/10 55/10 40/10

    Cardio - 10 min treadmill (1 min 3.5mph, 2 min 4.5mph, 2 min 5.5mph, 1 min 6mph, 2 min 5.5mph, 30 sec 5mph, 30 sec 4.5mph, 1 min 3.5mph)

    12 min cycle at level 6 and average of 103rpm

    I got some tips last night after my work out so I'm going to start implementing them from now on. I'll be hoping to take pics later today and I bought a tape measure yesterday so I'll have my measurements up soon too.

  5. Jarrett you sure as hell didn't help with my diet hahaha just kidding..... I really appreciate all the help and advice you and everyone else is giving me

  6. Since I see you're a fan of the peanut butter.. Natty pb right?

    Anyway, here's a little awesome mix to make your pb stinking awesome:
    1-4 tbs pb (i like smart balance pb, each tbsp is 100cals)
    .5-1 scoop of ATW cinnamonbun protein
    tiny bit of water

    Mix it up and enjoy! You can also pat it out on wax paper and throw it in the freezer and have a nice big healthy cookie.

  7. I was busy last night with writing a final paper for class that was due today so I didn't get around to posting my log for yesterday, but here it is.

    10 min treadmill

    Rotary Calf - 175/10 175/10 190/10 190/10
    Leg Extension - 110/10 110/10 110/10 110/10

    Plate loaded hack squat - 25/10 25/10 25/10 25/10
    Seated Calf - 95/10 95/10 95/10 95/10

    Seated Leg Press - 115/10 150/10 160/10 175/10

    Prone leg curl - 90/10 55/10 70/8

    Hip Adduction - 50/15 75/15 90/10 95/10

    Step up w/ arm curl - 20/10 20/10 20/10 (per side)

    V-Squat - 25/10 25/10

    Treadmill - 10 min at random speed (3.5 - 6mph) and incline (0 - 6)

    Stairmaster - 10 min at the fat loss setting level 5

    I'm eating lunch as I write this now and am pretty pumped about my workout today, but then I have to work right afterwards which is a drag. I've been so busy and I haven't been able to take pics, but I promise I will soon and get those posted along with measurements.


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