BigT's Football Pre 2 Post Season Log

  1. BigT's Football Pre 2 Post Season Log

    Alright, i'm going to log my work outs etc. throughout the upcoming football season. This is going to be my first season playing in college. At the beggining of June I decided i wanted to play football again and go back to college. I have since secured a spot on the roster at the college I will be attending. I will going out for outside linebacker, however I may switch to tight end. Before deciding to play again I had been mostly training upper body and unfortunately neglecting cardio, legs, and building overall core strength. So, in June I designed a workout program to improve my overall core strength and cardio, and focusing more on legs and less on upper body. Needless to say between work and workouts, this summers been a blast... My summer WO schedule looked a little something like this..

    ***For times sake I will just post exercises. Depending on the lift i'll do 3-6 working sets with reps ranging from 6-14.

    I will sometimes jump on a treadmill for 5 min PreWO.
    Stretch~10 min.

    M: Legs/Bi's

    Leg Ext.
    Leg Curl
    Single Leg Press
    Sitting Calf Raise
    Preacher EZ Bar Curl
    Dumbell Alternating Curl
    Sitting Isolation Curl
    Cable Single Arm Curl

    Tu: Chest/Tri's/Ab's
    BB Bench
    Incline DB
    Incline Skull Crushers
    Tri Kick Back
    Two Ab Exercises

    W: Back/Bi's
    DB Rows
    Bent Over Flys
    BB Bent over Rows
    BB Curl
    Hammer Curl

    DB Military
    BB Behind Neck Military
    Lateral Raises
    Plate Raise
    Smith Mach. Single Arm Press
    Close Grip Bench
    Overhead Tri Ext.
    Cable Single Arm Pull down
    Cable Bar Press Down

    F: Legs/Bi's
    Similar to Monday with a few variations

    Sa: Depends on week, usually Chest/Arms/Abs

    Su: A day of rest.

    Cardio: 4 Days a week i'd do sprints either on a steep hill or at a nearby track, then one day i'd go on a 3 mile jog.

    After 6 weeks of this I definitly felt my core and legs were stronger, and my cardio was greatly improved. However, I got way burned out, which resulted in loss of appitite, worsened stomach problems, headaches, no energy. This occured last week, during which i only lifted 4 days(workouts were short and weak). Now I everythings back to normal.

    So, I will logging my workouts, mainly lifting, depending on laziness I may or may not go into detail on cardio. When two-a-days start things will change a bit but I will try to post every few if not everyday.

    Weight-~200 Gyms scale is wack
    BF-will find out someday..
    Supps-Protein, Creatine Mono, ZMA, RPM.
    Diet->175g Protein, I haven't kept track of carbs but I going to try to get in the habbit, Fat-love it.
    Goals-Maintain weight and strength through the season, improve cardio, keep healthy.

    With all that said, I'd appreciate any advice you guys can give me about my workouts and everything else.

  2. I figure I might as well throw todays workout on here.

    Today I felt pretty good going in. I started out with Power cleans which I haven't done in awhile so it got me pumped when I could clean more than I have in the past.

    Overall today felt good. Going in I only had Power Cleans on my mind, I didnt really have the rest planned but it turned out a good one... short but good. With that said here it is.

    POWER Cleans: 10x135, 5x155, 5x185, 5x205, 3x225, 5x185
    Pull-ups(BW): 15,10,5
    BB Shrugs: 12x135,10x135,8x135
    BB Behind Back Shrugs: 12x135,10x135,8x135

    Cable Rows: 10x120,10x140,10x150

    One Arm DB Shrug: 8x70,8x70,8x70
    DB Row:5x70,5x70,5x70

    Preacher EZ Curl
    Outer Grip: 12x75,10x75,8x75
    Inner Grip: 12x75,10x75,8x75

    Hammer Curl: 12x30's,10x30's,8x30's

    Cable One Arm Curl: 10x20,10x30,10x40

    Cardio-20minutes on treadmill(1min jog @6 then 1 min run @ 10)

    Decline Situps: 16x25,12x35,10x35

    I hadn't really done shrugs or hammer curls for a month or two. The shrugs were awesome!!! Ater the second set I leaned my neck to one side to kinda stretch and it cramped up and stuck there for a minute before i pushed upright. The burn was great. I felt weak on hammers so i didnt go up in weight. Not sure whats in store for tommorow...

  3. Today was chest/tris. Was pretty spent after wards when I did cardio.

    Bench:12x185,10x225,6x245,6x24 5,(6x225)*

    DB Incline:10X60's,10x70's,8x80's ,6x95's

    DB Pull Overs:12x70,10x80,8x90

    One Arm Cable Fly High: 3 sets of 10x30
    One Arm Cable Fly Low: 3 sets of 10x30

    Close Grip Bench: 12x95,12x115,12x115

    Incline Skull Crushers: Pyramidx50***, 12x70,10x80
    DB Double Tri Ext.: 3 sets of 12x60

    Single Arm Cable Tri Push Down: 10x20,8x30,6x40
    Rope Pull Down:12x60,10x80,6x90

    Back Ext.(BW): 20,15,10

    Cardio: (Jog-Sprint 50m hill-Jog-Walk)x4
    Sprint hill^x8

    For cardio I ran this street thats about a 300 meter loop with a nice hill in it. I would jog for 100, sprint the hill, jog 100, then walk 50. I did this 4 times, then decided I was wasting my time. I went back to the hill, started bout 5m up it and worked on staying low and exploding out of my stance, then finished at the top. Temperature was bout 95 so it was toasty.

    Overall workout: 7/10.

    Didnt feel good going into cardio since I went right after lifting, but then again i never feel to good going into cardio, who does. Lifting was good, Some punk kept watching me lift and it was pissing me off tho.

    Weird Note At the beggining of cardio I was walking down the street and saw a guy who was about 75? doin yardwork. He was very overweight, wasn't wearing a shirt, and was wearing white shorts. He started towards his house.. and i noticed there was a brown substance on the back of his shorts, shining in the sun. Not sure what it was.. not sure i want to know.

    *On this set I held each rep, one inch off my chest for 5 seconds.

    **Dropped 20lbs each set, rest time was as fast as I could take the weights off.

    ***First set I like to do what i figure is a pyramid set:5,4,3,2,1,2,3,4,5. between each set of reps i'd hold the bar above my head for 3 seconds.

  4. Today was back day. Didnt feel like doin bi's.

    Deads:12x135,12x185,10x225,10x 275,5x315,5x275,5x275
    Pull ups(BW): 12,10,10,8

    Good Mornings:----

    Standing Single Arm Cable Rows: 10x80,10x100,8x120

    Bent Over BB Rows:10x135,10x135,10x135

    Seated Rows:10x80,8x100,8x120,20x60

    Cardio: Played Basketball for hour and a half.

    Overall: 4/10

    Deads felt good. Grip has gotten stronger. I got into the habbit of using straps way more than i needed to. Other than that the WO felt dead. tommorow will be better.

  5. Today was Shoulders/Tri's

    Starting off I had to go get a sports physical for ball... Enough said. However I was glad to get an accurate weight and height.

    Now that i think about it i was wearing my shoes for both those. dang... anyway after waiting an hour to get it over with, i went to a local high school practice field and did some sprints, drove a one man sled a bit, then did some starts.

    8x50yd Sprints
    Tackle sled then drove, total of 100 yds. hit it 6 times. 10x10yd Starts. Explode out of stance, full speed for 10 yds.

    Few other minor sprints.

    DB Mil:12x50,10x60,8x70,6x75

    BB Mil:10x115,10x135,8x155

    Front Raise:6x20,6x25,6x30

    Linear Cable pull Single Arm?:10x20,10x30,10x30
    Front Cable Raise Single Arm:10x20,10x30,10x30

    BB Shrug:10x135,10x155,10x185
    BB Behind Back Shrug:10x135,10x155,10x185

    Single arm DB Shrug:10x65,8x65,6x65
    Incline Skull Crushers:Pyramidx50,10x70,10x8 0

    Single Arm Cable Pull Down:10x20,8x30,6x40

    Back Ext:10,20,16

    I went home and ate a whole wheat bagel w/cream cheese, 50g protien shake. then went back bout 45 min later to instruct sister on what to do when working out. ended up doin a bunch of stuff while she did cardio.

    Situps on exercise ball:10,10,10

    Weighted Brigdes:30secx45,30secx45,30se cx45
    w/ Side bridges: all 30 just BW

    Back Ext:20,16,10

    Wide Grip pull ups(BW):10,10,10,10. 15 min later did another 10

    DB Overhead Ext:10x60,10x70,10x80
    Tri Kickbacks:10x20,10x20,8x25

    Leg Raises(abs):20,20,20


    Didnt feel too good going into lifting since I did my running mid day and the temp was hangin around 100. Not cool. Literally. However I brought some more gatorade powder which gave me another 16oz to get me through my workout. The reason for the large amount of back extensions is because I have had some lower back problems from football, however this year I am going to be 500% stronger than I was in HS which really motivates me.

    Just for fun here are a few stats from august of my senior year.

    August 2006

    Height: Same
    Squat:1x225(got 5 but really only one was a real squat)
    Deads: Didnt exist to me.
    DB Incline:1x70

    Nowa Days

    Height: ""
    DB Inc:6x100's

    My lower body/back/core has never been strong. When i started getting into lifting~December 2006, I really hit the upper body, I wasn't very serious about lower body, and I didn't start doing Deads until this june. I like my progress so far, but am no where near satisfied, doubt I ever will be tho ha. To be the best is the goal. Even though realisticaly i'll never reach that goal, the pursuit of it has been the reason i've gotten out of bed many mornings. Perfections outa reach but its fun tryin to get there.

    Tommorow is.... LEGS/BI'S
    Time to bust out the RPM.

  6. Thinkin bout some new supps.
    Purple WRAATH
    Green MAGnitude

    I'd keep the protein powder, but prob drop the rest, not sure bout the zma.

    Any suggestions on other supps? Opinions? Eh????

  7. Also thinkin bout GUT health.

  8. Legs/Bi

    Squat: 10x135,8x185,5x225,5x275,3x295 ,5x275,3x275,2x275

    One Legged Leg Press:5x2-45's,5x4-45's,5x6-45's

    Leg Curl: 12x90,10x175,10x175,10x175,10x 175

    Walking Lunges: 40's,50's,BW

    Leg Ext.: 10x70,10x130,10x150,10x170,Bur n Out Set

    Sitting Calf Raise: 10x90,10x115,10x135,8x135,8x13 5

    Single Arm DB Preacher Curl: 10x30,8x40,6x40
    Over Hand EZ Bar Curl: 10x50,8x60,6x70

    DB Curls:6x30,6x40,6x45

    CARIO: Practice Field
    Popped 7 man sled a few time, Hit&Shed One man sled 50yds.
    Back to 7 man sled a few times. 2x50yd Suicides.20xStarts.

    Overall: 9/10

    Today was an awesome workout. Before hand I took 4 rpm and was blastin through it. I was going to Super Leg ext and leg curls but some punk with his dad training him jumped on right after i warmed up on it and was doin the leg ext. pissed me off, i even asked them nicely if i could do some sets since they were just sittin there, bs'n bout how much the kid could lift. Big kid-squatting 65 with horrible form 5 times. so i just walked it off and took it out of me by doin lunges for the first time in a while. total walking for the first set would be 40, second b 30, last 40. I did my usual back extensions but didnt record them as i only did a set of 20 while warming up for squat. My lower lower left back felt not good. It stuck around awhile. Its been doin that lately but i'll just do back ext and other stuff and hope it goes away.
    Cardio was great, felt good to really hit the sled. at the end of the suicides my legs tightened up way back but i stretched for a minute and they were good. dang lactic acid tryin to cramp them up. then the starts were good. just explode slow down, turn around and repeat. Also nice that it was 5 degrees cooler and had a slight breeze.


    7 MORE DAYS!!!!

    I report for camp in 7 days. Awesome!!! not so cool that camp starts so late in the month, but at least i get to go!

    Im def ready:bruce3:

  9. Chest

    Bench: 10x135,5x185,5x225,5x245,3x275 ,4x245,3x245,5x225,5x135

    Incline Plate Loaded Machine:10each armx90,10x180,10x230

    DB Pullovers: 10x70,8x80,6x90
    Push ups:----

    Cardio:100m sprintsx10 ~20 seconds rest in between.

    Overall: 3/10

    Today sucked. Those lunges from yesterday killed me. My back was still hurtin a bit and I felt like an old man I was so sore. I gave a few points for the bench and pullovers however I didnt do a full workout. No energy at all, very humid during the sprints, felt pretty weak but it was definetly better than not running at all.

    When I got weighed at the doctor I weighed 204, when i weighed myself at the gym bout 2 hours later, without eating anything, I weighed 8 lbs less. Today i weighed 200 on that scale. Water weight? idk. Just weird.

    Tommorow is off. Im moving monday, not sure what my workouts will look like next week, i dont know if i'll be able to get into a gym but i'll for sure be running everyday. On Friday when I report to camp we'll be running a 16x110 test, linebackers have to run each one in 17 seconds.. with 45 seconds rest.. we will probably be doing 1rm on bench, squat, deads, cleans, and # of pullups, after that.
    I'll just go ahead and put my goals up for those lifts...
    Pull Ups:15

    Yes, this will be done in the evening, I realize these will be done after the 110 test, I feel confident in bench and pullups, however squat and deads are gona be sketchy with my back, cleans dont seem too bad as they arent as heavy. These would be my goals as if I were walking into the gym on different days to do them individually, but, these are what I'm goin for.

  10. Today was pretty crappy, not feelin too great/nervous for camp. Worried i wont meet the running requirements.

    Squat:10x225,5x225,5x225,5x225 ,5x225
    POWER Clean:5x135,5x155,5x185,3x205
    Leg Ext.:5x90,5x170,5x220,5x260
    Leg Curl: 5x90,5x150,5x180
    DB Curls:10x30's,6x40's,4x50's
    Iso DB Curl:5x30,5x30,5x30

    Yesterday I didnt get a chance to get to the gym. I went running on some sketchy field. just some sprints and stuff, got cut short cuz a pack o wild dogs showed up on the field and wanted to play, luckily i didnt get mauled, but i almost got peed on. Today was frusterating cuz i didnt have any energy. No rating for this one. Guess i'll see what happens tommorow.
    I am pumped to run a sponsored SNS stack which will consist of...

    TTA-500 - Tetradecylthioacetic Acid 500mg (plus electrolytes)
    Creatine E2 501 - Creatine Ethyl Ester 500mg 501 caps
    Beta Alanine 501 - Beta Alanine 500mg 501 caps
    Phenibut XT - 500mg Phenibut

    Thanks to SNS for choosing me to run it. Will prob be started in two weeks max. Will continue posting workouts/results here as well as in my log.

  11. What college you at? I hope i didn't miss it in the thread...i wish i still played ball

    Nice good luck on that SNS stack and i think you would really benefit from some poseidon as well. Sorry i didn't find this sooner when you first asked...
    PEScience Representative
    Don't miss out on the next deal:
    Protein Backed by Science:

  12. Naw i didnt post it. Southern Virginia. its NAIA. I didnt think i'd play after HS but after not playin for a year.. im actually excited for two a days ha.
    As for poseidon, i've heard nothing but awesome things bout it. I am stoked to try it. I want to run it with this stack, but i think i owe it to SNS to run their products alone since they sponsorin it.

  13. Quote Originally Posted by BigT4040 View Post
    Naw i didnt post it. Southern Virginia. its NAIA. I didnt think i'd play after HS but after not playin for a year.. im actually excited for two a days ha.
    As for poseidon, i've heard nothing but awesome things bout it. I am stoked to try it. I want to run it with this stack, but i think i owe it to SNS to run their products alone since they sponsorin it.
    Yea i def give SNS a fair shot at their products before adding anything else in. Good luck this year!
    PEScience Representative
    Don't miss out on the next deal:
    Protein Backed by Science:

  14. Thanks Bolt

    Today was Chest/Tri/Abs. However I did some sprints first.

    Cardio:16x100yd sprints, 1x110yd, 1x40yd

    Bench:10x135,8x185,10x225,1x27 5,5x245,5x225

    DB Incline:10x60's,10x70's,8x80's ,8x90's,6x100's

    DB Pull Overs: 10x70,10x80,8x90
    Incline DB Flys:10x30's,8x40's,6x50's

    Dips(BW) : 15,15,15,15

    Incline Skull Crushers: Pyramidxbar, 10x75,10x75,10x75
    Tri Kick Back:10x20,10x20,10x20

    Single Arm Cable Pushdown:10x30,8x35,6x40
    Single Arm Cable Pulldown:10x30,6x35,10x30

    Decline Sit Up:25x10,25x10,25x10
    Hanging Knee Raises: Didnt count how many


    I give this one an 8 since my cardio really boosted my confidence. I felt great throughout it, the 110 test I hav to do on friday is my biggest concern, but luckily today really boosted my confidence so that got me pumped. Liftin started off bad, the weight on bench seemed a lot heavier today. Plus my grip was off cuz the bars at this gym i got a guest pass to are weird. however once i got to incline it was smooth sailin from there. after my workout i shot a basketball around for a few minutes, airballed it bout 10 times, guess the basketball glory days are over, fine by me.

    Tommorow will probably b a rest day if I can keep myself from goin to the gym. Only one more day then it starts.

  15. gotta tell ya, the addition of Poseidon would be beneficial, and as a logger right now for Gut Health, it is a great addition. Both will only enhance the progress you are making
    Mr. Supps Board Rep


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