Bulking and Hunger

  1. Bulking and Hunger

    Hey guys, just wanted some feedback. I've been bulking naturally for about 3-4 weeks now. Gone from AM weight of 207 to around 216.5. Some fat, a lot of water, some LBM.

    Anyways, I want to push the limit and have an AM weight of around 225 or so at the end of another 2 months.

    But here's the dilemma. I'm getting sick of food, and it's making bulking really tough. My hunger is supressed for some reason, I don't know why.

    SO, here's the big question.

    What are your guys favorite supplements for increasing hunger? I need something significantly noticeable, NO placebo. Real major hunger increases.

  2. Have you thought about doing a ph cycle. My appetite has been threw the roof with my current lg hydroxytest dermal cycle. Or maybe some inject b12?

  3. Hey TMack, I wanted to give my body about 3-4 month break from any anabolics/androgens after my failed methyl-1-test cycle. Just to ensure hormonal recovery.

    I've never tried Injectable B-12, does it really work for hunger?

  4. When I tried NO2 my hunger skyrocketed... maybe it was a side effect from Arginine.

    Creatine also makes me hungry for some reason O.o

  5. eat more carbs
    carbs will increase your appetite but what type of weight gain it will give you is probably not the kind you want



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