Ketone Test

  1. Ketone Test

    I was wondering if you guys who do the Ketone Test strips. is it the best to get to the darkest color?

  2. I'd say that as long as you test positive that your ok. I've been on and off of ketogenic diets for the past half year. Ketostix are ok when you start off just to be sure you've dieted correctly and maybe say "yay i'm in ketosis". Mind you, you can test negative on a ketostick if you drink too much water, or if you don't have enough water you might test higher on the ketone levels.

    Don't see a real point in aiming for the darkest color.

  3. yea I think reaching medium ketosis on the stick is enough that you are definitely in the ketogenic state

  4. thanks. i wasnt quite sure. and i didnt know if it would be bad or good

  5. No there isnt benefit to a darker color. Just means you are possibly taking in to much fat, and your body is fighting to burn it as fuel. If you are in Ketosis, you are in Ketosis.

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  6. ya i think i need to cut out my excess cheese and natty pb. but the peanut butter keeps me from craving junk food


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