best tasting protein drink!

  1. best tasting protein drink!

    no its not muscle milk.. ive tried all kinds of muscle milk and I have to say Ive found something better... HDT Problend 55 vanilla... by itself it kinda is boring.. but I add about 30g of dextrose and about 5 frozen strawberries.. this tastes even better than muscle milk's strawberry IMHO.. also its more protein and a cheaper price.. i may try isomatrix next and see how that is...

  2. ive had the vanilla...three seperate times....the first batch was amazing (without a doubt the best vanilla for non-mrp's) then the 2nd batch was aweful. (without a doubt, a different taste to the previous both these for free though) now, i have balls the size of melons so i ordered the 3rd one for like 19 bucks and tasted the same as the 2nd. So you might have gotten lucky and a got a favorable tub but any brand with inconsistant taste to it, i dont like. The blends i will stick to until something better comes along are metrx protein blend and prov60 chocolate. However, i have seem to stray away from non-bulk proteins (which means blends...cuz i opt for cottage cheese mixed with whey for my last meal/drink of the night) Their chocolate however, have been solid all two times. (and ummm, im one who just experienced muscle milk and even though its your opinion my friend, the one beats that taste )

  3. ISS Research's ProM is tastes really good to me. Very expensive for a mediocre blend however, but Ive used it for almost a year now. I will be switching to Optimum 100& whey & Pro Rated 100%. I used them both (Opt. &ProM3)at seperate times in the day, but I now see through the ProM3 and will switch.

    Also, anyone who wants a kick ass, very good tasting, and very cheap protein, check out (AR's Sponsor) and check out Pro Rated 100% whey protein. I think LG is going to check it out and a few others. Ive been using it because I figure whey is whey and this was $38 for 10lbs. Doesnt get much better than that.

  4. have you tried all 3 flavors? if so how do they compare?

  5. Originally posted by sage
    (and ummm, im one who just experienced muscle milk and even though its your opinion my friend, the one beats that taste )
    Muscle Milk is the absolute ****ing best **** ever... see, it makes me curse it's so good.

    YJ, the Universal AND Pro-Rated Pimp!

  6. Ive used muscle milk for the past few months and think its great.. but its just getting WAY to expensive for me.. at 3 shakes a day i cant really afford it..

  7. What they should do is sell that damned stuff in larger quantities... dammit. I feel ya on the price, but I don't think I'll ever be able to stop!

  8. hey yj that is such an awesome price for it. Someday ill buy it. I can't believe its so cheap yet looking at the nutritional label its good stuff. I mean it has ZERO cholesterol. Im not interested in ones that have a lot of cholesterol since i take whey protein A LOT. The fat isn't a big deal since only 1 gram of it is saturated like all other protein powders and the carbs isn't a big deal either.

  9. big bump for pro rated!

  10. BSN's True Mass Strawberry is a diamond amoung a line of otherwise 'overlookable' products. And at 35 dollars for 18 servings, it better be. Seriously, a tub of that stuff lasted me 2 weeks. It was so good. I was addicted. I dare not take it again. I'm quitting cold turky. A man of my income level simply cannot afford such a flagrant staple in their diet.

    (the russian whinces in anticipation of the beatdown he is about to recieve)

  11. Yah ummm.....anything that you add 30g of dex to should taste good


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