A Question About VPX Sports Liquid Clenbutrx?

  1. A Question About VPX Sports Liquid Clenbutrx?

    my friend gave me 2 120cc bottles of clenbutrx that he had stocked up on before the ban but one of the expiration dates is 2005 and the other 2006, is this supplement still effective and safe to take?or would it be a waste of my time?

  2. that stuff was the nectar of the God's!!!! If it has been sealed up and away from direct sun, I think it should be good to go. Mix it up and take a chug!

    you could always add some Ephedra to Redline and get the same effects.

  3. I always had great results from VPX products, but recently tried a couple "old" (2005) bottles of their Eq and 1T and got nothing. Being a liquid, I worried about what might be growing in there 4 years later, too. But, I do have a few M1T bottles lying around. No self respecting bacteria could survive in that stuff...

  4. yeah that M1T was nasty. Like dirty burnt wood taste or something...ack... lol.. I still have a bottle of it. I think I need to just throw that away. I used it for about one week and just could not take the taste, even mixed with something.

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