The start of my journey (advice)

  1. Talking The start of my journey (advice)

    Hi guys awesome site

    Right then a tiny bit of info im mate 25 years old 6'1 and 15.6 stones live in the UK.

    Done a bit of reseach on the diet side of things and now wanted you guys to see where I can make any changes etc.

    My goal is to lose weight and get down to a trim tonned 13stone see what I look like and go from there. so need to lose around two and a half stone.

    The only thing I havent got sorted it the weight trainning side of things, so many routines I have no idea what to start with could do with some advice here?


    AM STARVED CARDIO HITT for 30mins everyday.

    SUN rest day.


    6:45am: WAKE - AM CARDIO

    7:20am: 100g Oats/weetabit & Whey shake
    2X EFA capsules

    10:30am: 100-150g chicken breast
    40g Brown rice/Pasta
    small pot of low fat natural yoghurt

    1:30pm: 100-150g chicken breast
    Mixed Veg/Salad
    2 slices granary bread with peanut butter
    2 x EFA capsules

    4:30pm: 150g steak
    Jacket potato
    Mix Veg

    5:30ish: TRAIN

    POST WORKOUT: Whey in water with 30g dextrose

    7:30pm: 150g steak
    40g brown rice/pasta
    mix veg/salad
    2x EFA capsules

    10:30/11pm: BED
    WHEY in milk
    Tablespoon peanut butter

    Thanks for reading will appreciate any advice comments.

  2. Ideas anyone?

  3. Swap to a slower digesting protein at night... Casein. Whey wont feed you through the night.

    Does your 5:30 include weight training? What kind of lifts are you doing?

    If your goal is to lose weight and body fat, I'd cut back on the rice at night. Your dinner should be primarily protein.

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