Iraq dramatic weight loss

  1. Iraq dramatic weight loss

    Leaving for Iraq in 4 weeks need advice on the best supps to take with me to cut about 60 or more pounds in 7 months. Eating and exercise habits wont be an issue over there but I just need that extra edge. No bull I need that potent stuff that really works, legal or illegal IT DOES NOT MATTER.

  2. It sounds like your first deployment. It also sounds like your a complete dumb ass. Everyone I have talked to that didn't have a regular work out schedule lost weight just due to being active and wearing their IBA in 140 degree weather every day.

    Drink lots of water and eat healthy don't worry about supps.

  3. Lol bro you won't need to worry about supplements for losing weight in the box. My ex GF just got back and she lost 15 lbs even though she was already very lean.

  4. And I think I forgot to mention the supps won't get you extra ripped extra quick but they can possibly kill you over there due to dehydration. Just something to keep in your mind if insurgents, IED's and mortars are not enough for you.

  5. Yeah man... Jesus, take care of yourself. The last thing you need is a stim in 130 degree heat. Take some BCAAs or something to dump in your water... I've heard some stories about guys chomping on Ripped Fuel and NOXplode over there and collapsing from dehydration or worse.

    That being said, best of luck to you... be safe.

  6. LOTS OF POSEIDON..good luck brotha

  7. And btw yes it DOES matter if they're illegal, because no one in your unit will want to hear you cry about how your puffy, sore nipples are aggravated by the texture and weight of your BDU.

  8. dont be the guy who screws it up for the rest of us.

  9. I want to reemphasize what the other guys are saying...


    Also, you need something that won't go bad in hot weather or being left out in the sun.

    Multi, BCAAs, Protein, DCP, Poseidon, I'd recommend Sesamin, but it'd go bad in the heat.

    Also, consider stocking up on crystal light individual packets. You're going to have to drink alot of water over there, ESPECIALLY if you're taking supps and working out. You may need something to make the water go down easier or at least make it enjoyable. Sugarfree gum may be a good idea as well.

    Honestly, you probably don't need anything. If you work our 3 times a week, wear your battle rattle, and stay active, you will probably lose 60 pounds over there. You have a freaking year with nothing better to do.

  10. Buddy is a load master in the AF spent three months there voluntarily and lost 35lbs from a combination of heat, being worked every day, and of course gear. You'll be set, I'd take some Posiedon and maybe a non-stim.


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