dcp+lvr or dcp+recreate

  1. dcp+lvr or dcp+recreate

    recreate or lvr which is better?

    ive been reading here for a little while and i've seen mixed reviews on each stack but have noticed DCP+LVR is what most people use. now my question is does that stack work the best or is everyone using it on word of mouth

    my goal is to loose fat with as little lean body mass loss as possible, and if at all possible put on some more muscle in the process.

    my stats:
    20.9%bf (down from 24.9% 2 weeks ago) on a scale and currently in my first ever cut phase

    my split:
    monday: back, bi's, forearms, traps
    tuesday: tri's, chest, shoulders (major weak spot for me due to surgery)
    wednesday: legs
    and then repeat that thursday-saturday
    and i do abs 2 out of 3 days

    bi's:db curls, hammer curls
    back:seated row, bent over row, lat pull downs, and back extension
    forearms:forearm curls
    chest:db flat bench, incline bench (machine), flys, cable flys
    tri's: skull crushers, pulldowns with a rope on the cable, tri push down machine
    shoulders:military press, lateral raises, forward raises
    legs:leg curl, leg extension, leg press

    all done for 4-5 sets at 13-15 reps per set
    and run 45 mins a day on the elliptical

    6-6:30am:1 cup of crispix 1/2 cup of rasin bran
    8:30-9am: protien bar
    11:30-11:45(lunch): either a chicken wrap with lettuce tomato and pesto sauce or salad with grilled chicken
    2-2:30pm:snack on some nuts and raisins
    4:30-5pm:2 scoops of whey in skim milk

    6:30ishpm:gym time

    8:30ish dinner: grilled chicken or lean steak or tuna with either salad whole wheat pasta and veggies wuth 1 class of unsweetened home made ice tea
    drinking about 4-5 liters of water a day

    so which stack would be best for me?

  2. I guess it's really preference. LR has more stimulants, so if you really are a stim fan, I suggest LR. Otherwise, Recreate is a great product as well with great feedback.

  3. are there any benefits that you gain with one stack as opposed to the other one

  4. ive run both stacks. they each kind have their place tho. like jjohn said, its all preference. LR will give you a nice stim effect, recreate wont. i know there are a bunch of logs for both stacks floating around. good luck man!

  5. if your gonna go with lvr pick up some reset a.d., helps it keep its edge when running it with other stims like if you chew or love energy drinks

  6. Neither give me super energy or anything but i prefer recreate+dcp, the only thing lr did for me was elevate my mood. I have a high stim tolerance, from years of drinking coffee with 6 shots of expresso

  7. I liked LR enough to buy a bottle to have on stand by, if that makes any sense. Currently i'm running Albuterol/Napalm for 10 days on 10 off, so on the 10 off i'll run the "clean" napalm with the LVR.

    LR personally puts me in the zone better than other stims, more intense workouts, better cardio, more sweat. Win win.

  8. I used them both and really haven't found a favorite.

    but i gotta say, i got 0 stims, pumps or even energy from LVR. I could easly take a nap after couple of pills in the middle of the day. I don't know if it's just high resistance or what, but just thought I'd share.

  9. I'm the same way bla55. The only stims that I really felt were ECA (still have some laying around for a rainy day), and Venom Hyperdrive, which basically made me feel like I was going to die an agonizing death.

    Regardless, LR and Recreate are both great products. I've ran a few bottles of LR with success. I'm using Recreate w/ Anabolic Pump at the moment and I'm loving it.

  10. I am a big LR fan, and would most certainly recommend it
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  11. I've used LV, hotroxx and Recreate all stacked with DCP. for me LV was the worst. I had good results with Hotrox Extremem but so far Recreate beenthe best it really has a much stronger appetite suppressant than the others.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by bigtoy View Post
    Neither give me super energy or anything but i prefer recreate+dcp, the only thing lr did for me was elevate my mood. I have a high stim tolerance, from years of drinking coffee with 6 shots of expresso

    Same here LR made me "happy" mood wise but I wasn't stimulated. Recreate is pretty good.

  13. I ran LR alone and loved it. Ran Recreate alone and didn't quite get the exact results I had expected. Ran Dcp with Hardcore Shred Xs and had an awesome combination!
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