need a cutting diet for graveyard shift!!!

  1. need a cutting diet for graveyard shift!!!

    Having the hardest time eating properly - timing etc.. been training serioulsy for 20 yrs - I'm 40 yrs old with a lot of experience. just need some ideas and opinions on how to time my meals for a graveyard shift job HELP!!!!

  2. oh man that sucks, i work shift work myself and it can be very hard to get into a steady routine. especially if ur dieting.

    for midnights i never found my appaetite to be any diff. the first shift is bad then once ur sleep pattern gets flipped to midnight mode its easier.

    force urself to eat every 2-3 hours like u do. when u wake up have ur normal breakfast and all as if u were getting up at 9 but only now ur morning is like 4 pm.

    duno if that helps u any, hope it does.

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