Combining Clen and Ephedra?

  1. Combining Clen and Ephedra?

    I have 7 doses of clen that I found left over in my stash. So I was wondering if for 7 days I could combine the 2. Taking one pre morning cardio and the other like 4-6 hours later. Thoughts>?

  2. Just watch that blood pressure.

  3. yea watch that BP..personally i wouldnt stack the two together, how much eph do u have? only enough clen for 7 days?

  4. Yeah, My Bp is not a problem but I will keep and eye on it for sure. I have like a 75 day supply of ephedra but, will only be using it for like 3 weeks. I pretty much just use it at the tail end of my cutting regimen

  5. o ok 75 days...thats good. i was just thinking you could maybe do a clen dose before ur AM cardio, seeing that clen is stronger than eph, then a dose of eph later, then when ur done with the clen...eph twice a day. but im not too knowledged on clen, search it bro

  6. I'm sure you'll love the Clen and Ephedra. Just dose it low and remember that clen builds up in your system. You'll feel really good, almost like being high. The combination of the two does something in your brain. Just forgot how it was called.

  7. It does something in terms of damage? Or like some sort of stim like feeling?

  8. Not in terms of damage. More something along the lines of feeling like superman. You feel really good and euphoric. It has to be dosed with caution though.

  9. how are ur results so far? or when do u plan on starting?


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