hey guys qustions about DCP/Leviathan Reloaded Stack

  1. hey guys qustions about DCP/Leviathan Reloaded Stack

    for those who have used it how much weight did you guys lose of this does it burn fat and build muscle or just burn fat? all answers greatly appreciated

  2. I've used the stack many times and lose about 4 lbs off it. However I don't have a huge amount to lose.

    I maintain muscle on it, gain a little. But I have strict training in place 5 days a week.

  3. the amount of fat it wil burn depends on SO many factors: current bodyfat, setpoint, diet and phase (cutting etc.) caloric deficit (and how long you have been in deficit), routine, years working out/experience.
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  4. I am just about to finish my first stack of this. I was veary pleased with it and will continue to use it for future cuts. I lost about 6-7 pounds through a combination of 5 day a week workouts, lots of cardio, and a pretty good though not perfect diet, and this stack. I have only been training since October and this was my first ever cut so I am still new to all of this. Hope this helped.

  5. I didnt lose a pound on Lr and dcp for some reason, im 5"11 and 167 lbs in the afternoon, i should weigh myself after waking up for best measures, but idk why, im cutting and i didnt lose a single pound with it lol i was like -.- the only thing i got from it was way elavated moods i was in a good mood like 24/7 lol, and then i ordered some more recreate and i started losing again, so i went like this Recreate by itself(lost some good weight), Lr/dcp stack because i read good reviews on it and wanted to try it (didnt lose anything) and then recreate+the leftover dcp from previous stack and then i lost weight again

  6. I just ran this stack and took off about 7lbs in 1 month. 180-173. i'm 5'8". Not bad considering I plataued at 180 for a few months.

  7. I LOVE THAT COMBO>.. i gained weight and lost bodyfat.. if u know what i mean

  8. That is a good stack but you'll never know till you try it, and remember the real results happen in the gym and in the kitchen it doesn't matter what you use if you don't use it right. If you give it a try good luck .

  9. LR is a solid product and I can vouch for it.

    I know everyone loves DCP, and I've ran some myself, but I just don't seem to benefit from DCP/TTA/etc. I've tried TTA ever since the Designer beta's came out, and nada. Not even the cramps everyone talks about. Ah well...

    Right now I'm on the Recreate/Anabolic Pump stack and let me tell ya... I think I found what really works well for me!


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