Hi there. Ive been bulking for about 5 months now. high carb+fat+ protein diet, not a clean bulk.

ive been looking to do a level 1 bodybuilding show and have met with a guy i know who competes at the national level and also judges shows up to level 3. He took a look at me and said i should cut up a bit for th next 4-6 weeks and see how i look then and talk to him again.

im 220 lbs on an empty stomach. i was told my lean body mass is approx 175 lbs.

as for my diet now ive been taking in well over 4000-4500 and more some days in calories.

meals usually conssiting of 1 and half chicken breast with 2 cups of cooked whole wheat pasta , about 1 cup cooked broccoli and olive oil on the pasta. thats about 3 of my meals a day, sometimes substtiuting the chicken for a can of tuna or steak.

in the morning breakfast is 2 whole eggs and 6-8 eg whites and 2 cups of bran cereal with skim milk.

between those meals are my post workout and preworkout and bedtime shakes.

first thing morning- 1 scoop whey - 20gram fast digesting carbs
pre workout- banana +scoop of whey
post- 1.5-2 scoops whey +80g fast duiegesting carbs.
bedtime- 1 scoop whey, in skim milk 2 tbs natural PB

ive approximated that to 220 at least grams of protein a day usually closer 300.

carbs well way too many.

my advice was to cut my carbs to 1g per lb of body weight a day and dont mix my carbs +fat nemore. substitute my last couple meals with protein+fat

my big question is is that drop in carbs (and overall calories) too sudden for me? im gona try to get in 45-1hr cardio on an empty stomach 5 days a week as well.

can anyone recommend a good diet plan keeping carb , fat and protein sources simple. (im not a picky eater)

and should i be going by grams per bodyweight i am now or my approx LBM of 175lbs? for the amount of macronutrients i take in.

thanks to any1 who takes the time to read this and reply