too much animal protein causes osteoporosis?

  1. too much animal protein causes osteoporosis?

    I have been read some info on the topic, as well is a lot of bad things about milk as well. Is this all really true?
    I got some of this info from, as well as mnay other sites. But I don't believe everything I read. SO that is why I have come here, see what you guys think about the topic. Seems to make sense maybe for the average person, but as bodybuilder we are not the average person.

  2. My stepmother drinks milk like a goat and was tested for osteoporosis and scored way better than average people...

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    Certain groups are going to bash anything an blow the smallest negative aspect way out of proportion. I remember someone telling me back in the day that ppl said apples were bad because of some chemical in them. Check out . I think that if half of that crap was true, id be dead by now drinking over 2 gallons of milk per week.

  4. logan, someone wrote not too long ago that about 50% of all naturally-existing compounds found in nature will give you cancer in high enough amounts...

    My point? As NE1 says, some people will do anything to discard this or that industry.

    Besides one thing is for sure, the BEST prevention against osteoporosis is weight training...

  5. Yeah... Bump on Luna. In my Organic Chemistry class, we learned about some pesticide being banned because it could cause cancer but guess what... peanuts are 1000 more dangerous than that. Medias are dumb.

  6. High protein intake is only a problem (in terms of bone mineral content) if your intake of calcium is low. If intake of calcium is high along with intake of protein then it actually improves bmc.


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