Why is my skin so loose on my body???

  1. Why is my skin so loose on my body???

    So Im not sure if this is the correct forum for this thread but Ive been meaning to ask this question for quite some time now.

    My question is, why is my skin so loose on my body? I mean I have tons of extra skin every place I can pinch. On my wrists I can get a good fingers full of skin and on my obliques I can pull the skin out what seems like 3 or 4 inches from my body.

    I have NEVER been obese, so I know the skin isnt stretched out or anything.

    I was once told its due to something about I dont drink enough water everyday and my body is storing fat or water(I cant recall which) just under the skin.

    I will admit I dont drink the water I should b/c it literally goes straight through me, but I drink a lot of sports drinks. Not too much pop at all, and a good amount of juice.

    Could someone please drop some knowledge on this subject for me???


  2. thats how ur skin is man.
    you have more elasticity than normal. cant do anything about it man.

  3. i got the same problem, im not worrying about it though, as long as i can get my abs to show perfectly, then i really dont care if my skin is stretchy lol

  4. Yeah I guess maybe you guys are right. I personally just think its disgusting. Especially when I sit down without a shirt on and my skin folds up on my belly. Its so embarrassing!!!

    As far as abs go, I can get them to look pretty good as long as theyre flexed but as soon as Im not paying attention to them, they relax and it looks like Ive been drinking beer all day. I think the problem lies in the muscle because its all there its just not strong, tone or tight enough to stay taught all the time.

    Thanks guys.

    Anyone else who has any other input is also appreciated as well.

    This site is the best for the hard to answer questions!

  5. are you skinny? maybe you should bulk up a little bit see if you "fit" into your skin a little better, i know some one with that problem but it was because he was hella fat before. good luck

  6. I agree, the best thing to do would be to try to bulk and fill the skin. That or surgery...

  7. oh, i dont think mines that bad i dont have abs yet tho, well not a 6 pack, should have em by july 31-aug 1st hopefully(please i hope) lol, if u have a gut and are skinny its probally ur diet

  8. like i have big arms, but when i flex i can still pull a fair amount of skin, but they are still hard as rock lol

  9. stop drinking juice! trust me, just trust me, and stop drinking sports drinks and stay away from vitamin water, try subbing them with flavored bcaa's in water

  10. Quote Originally Posted by bigtoy View Post
    like i have big arms, but when i flex i can still pull a fair amount of skin, but they are still hard as rock lol
    I could just be how your skin is.

  11. I'd bet the bank it's your diet...you are probably carrying more fat than you think.

  12. my step bro was skinny his whole life, he always had the stretchy skin thing, it didnt hang off or look saggy but he could pull off 4 inches or so just about anywhere on his body, later in life he gained some muscle weight and skin is less stretchy, i really wouldnt worry about it too much.


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