whey gold

  1. Thumbs up whey gold

    ive been using 'whey gold' vanilla.
    is there another whey powder that is comprible that taste good.
    any thoughts on the 'muscle milk products'?

    thanks in advance!

    great forum!

  2. ON cookies & cream tastes pretty good and its currently my favorite

  3. IMO nothing even compares to the taste of muscle milk. That stuff is just delicious. But, it's also a bit more pricey. If money wasn't an issue, I'd be rockin muscle milk a LOT more often haha. Otherwise, ON Whey does just fine...

  4. depends what you mix it with...i use water for everything so IMO syntha 6 is my favorite protein blend as far as flavor but is higher in cholesterol (60mg per scoop)....other than that ON whey is the way to go!

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