Just want a little input/verification on my plan.

  1. Just want a little input/verification on my plan.

    I am 5"11 and 193lbs at roughly 15-16%bf. I want to lose 5lbs tops in 7-8weeks because I want it to be mostly fat. I want to maintain size and strength also, so I am taking it slow.

    I currently take in 3200-3300 cals per day and do no cardio (slow/clean bulk). I also work out 4 days a week and eat 5 meals a day, not including pre/post and pre bed. I plan to just drop 50cals from each meal to get the decrease I need.

    For my cut I want to keep it simple. I will do fasted AM cardio with BCAA's on off days from the gym only. This will be trail walking in the woods up hills, etc for 30-40mins. I will drop cals to around 3000 and go from there based on my weekly weigh in. Off days will have something like 2700 cals. Routine will be similar and involve supersets.

    For supps: I will continue my creatine and BA to maintain strength. I will add AP and keep the carbs at the same %. I'll also throw in ALA, sesamin oil, and Retain. Don't know if I should throw in Alpha Drive XL for fun????? I'm 20 by the way.

    SOUND GOOD? ANY input?

  2. What's ya protein and fat intake?

  3. intakes

    I'm currently doing 43% carbs 22% fat and 35% protein on my slow bulk. That comes to about 340g carbs 80g fat and 270g protein. Plan to keep it pretty much the same for the cut, So the intake will be less of each when I cut 300cals. I will take AP so the carbs dont really have to change.

  4. Have you used AP in this way before? The reason I ask is that your bodys chemisty changes with physical and enviromental changes. So AP might work different if you never taken it this way. You don't want to add different variables to something that already difficult.
  5. ap

    No, I have never taken AP before. How should I encorporate it? Should i even add it? Or should I try it and see how it works and if it gets weird on me then ditch it? How does everything else look? How about the Alpha Drive?

  6. Me personally i wouldn't throw anything in for fun, but thats up to you. Everything should have a valid reason for it, if not then it's just a waste of money. I say give the AP a try since it's a nutrient repartioner, anything that helps your body use nutrients better will help with dieting. 340 grams of carbs is a hell of alot for cutting. Since I don't know your metabolism and don't know how you train I can't be completely accurate. But if your body fat is truely 15 - 16% at 193. I would drop the carbs to 270 and add the left over calories as good fat. Also why only 5lbs lose?
  7. diet/training

    I am slowly bulking at 340g carbs. I would take that under 300g for my cut for sure. I train 4 days a week, always push pull type supersets. Not really any isolation work, just compounds. Looks like this:

    Mon: Upper 4x12
    Tues: Quads exercises plus abs
    Thurs: Upper 4x8
    Friday: Hams/calves/abs

    Mon: Upper 5x5

    And the cycle goes on.........

    It's from the New Rules of Lifting Book if you have ever heard of it, very impressive results as far as I'm concerned. The book calls for the same leg workout Tues and Fri with varied reps, but the knees can't handle squats twice a week.

    I only want to lose 5lbs because I just want to get lean enough so that I will be able to put more mass on and not look fat. I only want to shred when I am like 225lbs, so I won't look like a ripped skeleton, because I am 5'11+. I pretty much just slow bulk just slowly adding fat througout the year and end up about 15lbs heavier, then cut 5lbs and I am at the same BF I started, but 10lbs of quality muscle added.

    Thanks for your input/help thus far BTW.

    I train harder than anyone I've seen in my gyms, but find that if I gain anymore than .25lb a week it is just extra fat. I started at 160lbs 2 years ago at around 16% after losing a lot of weight.

    What ratios do you use for a cut/bulk? I am curious to see what others have success with so maybe I can try it out.

  8. srx600,

    AP is quite strong, and could help you lean out fast, but..... mud butt -- many people get it when they first try AP. This could set you back some if it happens to you. I've seen it suggested to take it before morning fasted cardio, and just put up with the low BG. According to the guy suggesting it, this burns a lot of actual fat without being catabolic. Just don't fall on your face due to low sugar.

    Forskolin is also great, but it can cause mud butt too. Forskolin does some interesting things with test that nobody has written about for a long time. Information gets lost. It's also one of the best fat releasers as it can go through cell walls and bypasses the whole burned out receptor problem.

    Oh yeah, most of your ideas are pretty solid anyway and should work, just trying to add some possibilities.


  9. I have a different take on bulking than most, I perfer to use carbs as a tool rather than a energy source. It kinda looks like this

    meal 1 10 egg whites, 6 eggs, 1/2 cup oatmeal

    meal 2 10 oz chx, 1/2 avocado, 1 cup green beans

    meal 3 10 oz lean grd beef, 1 cup brocolli, 1/2 tbls olive oil

    meal 4 3 scoops whey, 3 tbls Nat PB

    meal 5 (2 hours before training) 2 scoops whey, 2 tbls Nat PB

    Pre/ during workout 1 scoop whey, 2 cups orange juice

    post workout 2 scoops whey, 60 grams WMS

    meal 6 10 oz chx, 1 cup green beans

    Now this is at the peak of my bulking and only on training days. On non training day I have no carbs except for breakfast. I use carbs as a insulin releasing tool and I release it only when it's gonna do this most good. Ain't no use to release insulin when you chilling at work or about to go to sleep. And since I'm not releasing insulin every 2 hours my sensitivity to it increases. I could go on and on about the why your body works, but you get my drift. Hope this helps.
  10. diet

    Tuber, thanks for the info man. I will be cautious with the AP. I may give that fasted AP a shot and see how she works for a couple days. I probably wont do the forskolin because I am trying to use what I have.

    Genetic, your diet seems to be not a keto, but low carb. I understand where and why you have carbs at certain times and it makes sense. What kind of metabolism do you have...before starting lifting? What are the nutrient breakdowns in grams? How is this working for you? I have always used between 40/40/20 and 35/45/20...pro/carbs/fat. I have never been shredded though and my results have been good, but not amazing. I started out as the chubby kid with not much muscle....180lbs at 20-22% probably. I may give you diet a shot for bulking later this year and see how I feel on it. I am currently using carbs as my energy source so I dont want to switch cold turkey...i'd probably feel like ****.

  11. My bulk diet isn't keto...just my comp diet. My diet work very well for me, I always hit PR's and make my goal weight and my waist never goes above 36 at 260 - 270 bulking. I also started out chubby but I was in the 300 territory. I alway's been a big kid. If you been over weight before then your more inclined to be over weight again. So you might wanna watch your carb intake no matter what.
  12. pics as of today, cutting starts next monday

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    Here are some pics from today. They are all taken cold before my workout today. Can you give me a better idea of fat % now? I think I do need to lower the carbs though. Do you think I can still maintin my strength going from 340g to 270g? I'll leave the protein the same and maybe add a little more fat. Any trouble spots, improvement spots for my next bulk? My first time putting up pics.

  13. Alright we got more to work with now.....You look to be @ 16 - 17%. But thats just a guesstimate. I would def lower the carbs. The carb drop isn't going to affect your strength, it's nowhere near a big enuff drop. What does your cut /bulk cycle look like? Every 2 weeks, 4 weeks?
  14. cycles

    What do you mean cut/bulk cycles? All I do is bulk .25lbs a week for pretty much a year, then cut for 8 weeks to get back to the bf% I started with, but 10lbs heavier. I'm thinking about starting at 2900 to 3000 cals and adding the cardio. 270g carbs 270g protein and 80-85g fat. The cardio will be on off days....to start. Should I just drop the carbs to 220-230g on off days? This will be about 200cals less than w/o days.
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  15. That plan looks solid, give it a try and after 2 weeks either drop cals or up the cardio. Since I'm not a fan of dropping cals can you tell which one i'll prolly go with? You never want to go below 2100 cals unless you just have to.
  16. ...

    Well thanks a ton Genetic. You provided me with tons of insight and information. I will start next week and keep you updated. I will also be sure to post after pics. Don't expect too much because I will drop probably 8lbs tops, but if it's mostly fat, it should make a noticable difference. Thanks again!

  17. Fa sho man, anytime.


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