help me lose the last couple pounds...

  1. help me lose the last couple pounds...

    My weightloss is stalling and I want to finish cutting. I am so close to my goal that I refuse to give up. My diet and training is spot on and I am stacking DCP, ECA, 7-cort, napalm along with the staples. I have been on a CKD for months now and although it has worked well to this point, as I am sure many know, the human body doesn't lsee a need to get to 6-7% BF. I am wondering if skipping the carb up and just going the last 2 weeks carb-less would be enough to loss the remaining stubborn fat I want to get rid of?

    I am open to any suggestions. Thanks.

  2. whenever my buds needed to cut for wrestling season they doubled their cardio and went on a no carb diet....this usually lasted around 2 weeks and they were able to keep the weight off during wrestling season...
    personally my body doesn't do well with a no carb diet...instead i do the 6-8 low carb meals a day with cardio 5x a week
    just my experiences

  3. yeah man i cut 30 LBS for wrestling season. im who he is talking about BTW. started doing 6 miles every other day, ate low carb, high protein, low fat. High rep range for weigh training.

  4. I would consider bumping up your cardio first before you consider eliminating carbs completely. Another alternative is to divide up your meals further. In my case, when I went from 6-10 meals/day it did the trick (without any changes to my caloric intake, % distribution, workouts, etc.). If you cut your carbs completely, you will likely reach your goal more quickly, but you will also be much more apt to reacquire the body fat when you resume your baseline diet.

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