CLA Dosage

  1. CLA Dosage

    Im 6'2 225, looking to cut about 30 lbs by october... I finished my PCT for an epistane cycle about 3 weeks ago and am starting to cut. In about 3-4 weeks, once i get my diet on perfect point, im going to start the dcp/levi stack. But for now i have That i was going to run for the whole cutting period. How should i take it, whats a good dosage/frequency. its the CLA from NP

  2. 6-9gr a day split into 3 doses (2x2x2 or 3x3x3) Usually breakfast, lunch, and before bed
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  3. A dosage of 3.4 grams per day has been shown to maximize fat loss. And you get CLA from meats, so I dose 2 grams per day, as I'm assuming with my meat intake I'm getting that other 1.4 grams.

  4. i take 2 grams with breakfast and lunch, then when i go to bed w/a protein shake, 6 grams total

  5. Quote Originally Posted by KgTomCat View Post
    i take 2 grams with breakfast and lunch, then when i go to bed w/a protein shake, 6 grams total
    there ya go we win Nabisco
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  6. Ive heard about CLA... Does it really help loose weight burn fat? Does it have any stimulant effects or side effects?

  7. from my experience (little more than 1 year) no stimulant effects or anything. as helped a little with losing fat, nothing major, but it has other properties that helps cardio-vascular health and such...
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  8. No stim effects, and I add fish oil with it too.

  9. yea fish oil is good two, i only take 2 a day. one in the morning and one before i go to bed, you?

  10. Yessir, I take 4 grams of CLA per day (2x2) and 2 grams (1x2) of fish oil per day. I try to take a dose in the morning and one late afternoon. I find fish oil helps my joints and my skin in the winter. CLA takes a bit to see the results ( a little more than a month for me) but I'm of the opinion the slower it comes off, the slower it returns. Seemed that I lost pudge from my mid-section, which is what I read happens with CLA, so no complaints. It's a cheap stack that mixes well with other stacks and really doesn't have any side effects or require cycling, although I only use CLA for a few months at a time. Gonna start this up again, with the addition of sesamin, Lean Extreme, DCP and some Adrenalean, though I won't use very much of the latter, as I don't need a ton of stims, just enough for the occasional crash/motivation. I can drop weight pretty easily, just wanna try out this stack and see what it's like with some assistance. I hear vitamin C is effective for weight loss as well, but it's a high dose.

  11. ive heard alot about lean extreme, so im interested in it

  12. Try stacking Lean Extreme with Activate Extreme, I had excellent results from running a bottle of each. A very solid stack, check out the logs. Gonna post my results in a few days.

  13. ok good deal. is that for a cut, bulk, or wut? i wanna build lean muscle...

  14. You could use it for whatever, meaning if you'r cutting it helps with most of the bad sides from a lower calorie diet (lower test and higher cortisol are possibilities) or bulking (higher test and recovery, increased appetite). Use the search button and check out some logs of it, very informative. Whatever your goals, it's a solid stack.

  15. will do, thanx man!

  16. No worries boss, lemme know if you have any more questions. That stack took about 2 weeks to kick in, I dosed it at 2x2 Activate Extreme and 1x2 Lean Extreme. If I sound thrilled, it's because it actually worked. The Batman has a log about it, good read. I feel it's a very solid stack for whatever your goals lifting wise may be. Woulda been more chatty earlier, but I was pressed for time. Obviously, if you wanna get bigger/stronger it helps to eat, and if you wanna cut you need to watch what you eat and how much. It's good for both types of cycles. I started upping my calories after week 2, mainly carbs, and everything took off from there. I don't eat a ton of carbs to begin with, so that really helped. Some people go with 6 caps if they are over the 200lb. mark, but I went with 4 caps. I prefer a slow process, but each there own. I got what I wanted with the 4 caps per day, so didn't feel the need to change it. Nutraplanet has it on a killer deal now, for both. Good luck, and lemme know how that work out.


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