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What do people on low-carbohydrate diets eat/drink after a workout?

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    What do people on low-carbohydrate diets eat/drink after a workout?

    Since the body will begin using stored fat for energy (to my understanding anyway), is glycogen then obsolete?

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    Ahh! Great question!!!

    Well, it depends which kind of low-carb diet you do! Some people advise taking a 30g-carb drink after training even on a low-carb diet. Is it still a low-carb diet then? I dunno. For these athletes glycogen is very important, they burn it in their workouts and keep replenishing it.

    In a diet such as the Di Pasquale "Anabolic Diet" there are virtually NO carbs for 5 days followed by a 2-day carb/fat pig-out. This diet forces the body to effectively switch to a purely fat-based metabolism. Well OK, the carb/glycogen metabolism is not COMPLETELY suspended, but the fat-burning pathways are pumped up to be totally sufficient even for high-intensity exercise, rendering glycogen effectively obsolete. There is NO WALL, which is PROOF that carbs are not needed on the diet.

    They are used, but not needed from a performance standpoint. They are used to generate insulin, which is an incredible anabolic catalyst, and to train the muscle to store more and more glycogen, which obviously also results in a larger muscle.

    I drink water.
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    Whey. Sometimes i add 10grams of dextrose and 5gr creatine.

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