Igf/test E/clen And T3 Cycle

  1. Igf/test E/clen And T3 Cycle

    I am currently on a cycle of IGF1 LR3 with Test E the results have been awsome, i was a little optimistic about taking IGF and didnt really belive in it all that much but the results have been out of this world!!!
    I have lost bf and gained muscle mass and definition!! awsome stuff, however i go on holiday in september and want to be ripped, i have used clen before and am going to again in the cycle before my holiday anybody got any opionions on this

    week 1 TEST E 1000mgs + clen 60mcgs/day
    week 2 as above
    Week 3,4,5, TEST E 1000mcgs + IGF1 + t3
    Week 6,7 Test E + 60mcgs Clen

    Anbody got any advice on this cycle and as anyone used T3 and liked the stuff? and what results did you find


  2. test e cycle for only 7 weeks? btw this is in the wrong section, move it to the steroid section and you will get help.

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