Horrendous pizza craving

  1. Horrendous pizza craving

    Alright, so last night I broke down and put away 3/4 of a large pepperoni pizza in one sitting. I didn't feel too terribly guilty as I am bulking and require 6000+ calories per day... but I know that regular consumption of pizza will make a fatass outta me.

    However, I'm tired of eating the same bland **** over and over again, and would like to know if anyone has some recipes for some high-protein, "relatively" low glycemic pizza. It's time for me to quit screwing around and bump up the calories even more.

  2. They sell low-carb pizza over at the Atkins Web-Site....


    As for recipes, I have none. Sorry. I'll search for some later if I get a chance though.

  3. Now don't quote me on this cause i am completely guesing here, but technically if you wanted a "Diet" or "Clean" Pizza there would be a few ways to do this.

    As a post workout meal you could buy a pizza crust, add your own sauce, use no fat cheese, lean meats, vegetables, and have a low fat pizza. It won't taste as good but its low fat and high GI (which most people want in their post workout meal). The only fat would be in the very little oil from the crust, and whatever fat is in the meat you use.

    As for a low GI pizza, the best way to go about it would to make your own dough and use whole wheat flour. It still requires a bit of sugar, but not enough to do much damage. The pizza will be a lot heavier because of the whole grain as opposed to white flour, but the taste is definitely not lacking.

    If you want the exact dough recipe, i'll have to scrounge around for it.

  4. By all means, start scrounging. I have tried the home made pizza, but the packaged crust has about 65 g of carbs still, and its all processed flour. I'd like to try that whole wheat flour recipe.

  5. As long as you can get low carb flour/tortilla, you can make a pretty darn good pizza. You will of course need to get the Italia/Argentine mozzarella cheese, but after that, you'll be in tall cotton with whatever else you want to add

  6. i made a keto pizza back in the day using crushed pork rinds and some other **** for the crust. It was the most disgusting thing I've ever had...

  7. hahaha, that just SOUNDS foul. I'm not TOO worried about the total carbs, just the GI of them. So I've been eating them on whole wheat pitas, and they're actually pretty tasty.

  8. I just omit the crust. The meat, cheese and sauce are the good parts anyway.
  9. pita pizza :)

    1 whole wheat pita
    some salsa for the "sauce"
    7oz cooked chicken (shredded)
    40 grams fat free cheese (I can get REAL fat free cheese here..it's also 10 grams of protein per serving))

    bakes in over until cheese is melted and pita is crisp on the bottom.

    Works out to about 40 grams carbs/60 grams protein and minimal fat.


  10. that looks nasty.

  11. Originally posted by RaulJimenez
    that looks nasty.
    LOL It ain't Papa Ginos

  12. Looks pretty damn good to me.

    The whole wheat pita idea is great, I eat like six of these a week now, heheh.

  13. ****, I just toast the pitas and stuff them as full as I can with tuna, and cram them in my pie hole... if I want a pizza I'm getting a god damn pizza, ain't nobody holdin' me back from that gooey, cheese oozin', meat piled on, crispy breaded, tasty tasty goodness... sheeeeit...

  14. Originally posted by RaulJimenez
    that looks nasty.
    Yeah well.. what do you want for healthy?

    I'll try to capture a better commercial like image next time for you visual approval.

  15. sicilian all the way; so happy Pizza Hutt started carrying it again; too bad they cant keep it in stock

  16. I am drooling on my keyboard...haven't had pizza in months...

    I'll try that whole wheat pizza thing...


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