ANY help would be GREATLY appriciated

  1. ANY help would be GREATLY appriciated

    I was about 220 lbs when i went to school last august and over that period of time alot of beer and other things have been consumed. I always hit the weight room and everything and im relatively strong. 325 bench, 540 squat, 625 deadlift, but this extra fat is pretty significant and is really killing me. this summer i have cut soda, gatorade, beer, fast food, junk food etc and other really unhealthy foods but to somewhat no avail. I work out 6 days a week pretty intensely and cardio 30 minutes everyday. i feel like im not changing at all, i mentally feel better, but this gut just wont seem to leave. are there ANY suggestions at all on what i need to do to get this stubborn crap off my stomach and love handles? i plan on trying to cut after i lose this fat, but first i do a have a significant amount of fat to lose. any help at all would be amazing

    thanx all

  2. oh and i take a whey protein shake in the morning and one immediately after i lift in the evening. Im also on multi-vitamin and fish oil if that helps at all

  3. Quote Originally Posted by grinditout51 View Post
    oh and i take a whey protein shake in the morning and one immediately after i lift in the evening. Im also on multi-vitamin and fish oil if that helps at all
    Read everthing you can about meal plannnig and proper diet. Do a quick search on this site.

  4. Yea thats good advice, Make sure your diet is on point first. How many meals per day are you eating? what are you eating for each of those meals ect.. You must have that balance and then if your not dogging it in the gym you should see results come pretty steady. Just remember most people that loose weight fast will just put that weight and more back on in a very short time. This is why slow weight loss and good fitness will always win! Read Read Read, then ask questions on what you read. The more informed you are the bigger you success. Keep up the good work and Maybe try posting a log on the type of dire and training you doing right here on Anabolic minds and post pic of your self before. You would be surprised how motivated you will be and I know you would get a great number of supporters on here. Good luck Man.

  5. use to track your diet for a week or so, being as precise as you possibly can. that can give you a baseline to look at to figure out how to attack the issue

  6. If you're not on a calorie deficit, you're not gonna lose weight - you gotta eat less than you burn. Plenty of good cut diets out there, do a little research on this site, or check out T-nation's T-dawg 2.0 or Scivation's Game Over Diets. good stuff if you wanna go all out and get shredded.


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