My Keto experiment

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  1. My Keto experiment

    Here I go, this thread will be my diet diary. I started Keto Sunday morning. I ate less than 20g of carbs in each of the last 3 days. I noticed I would wake up with more energy and Im more concentrated at school which is awesome.

    Fat/Proteins/Carbs (Calories)
    Starting Weight : 200

    Current Weight after 3 days (198.5) water probably... although I drink so much of it.

    I went to the grocery last Sunday and bought everything to succeed so Im very psyched about going through this.
    I try to get between 2500 and 3000 calories. I eat steaks, eggs, bacon, salmon, tuna, whey, burgers (no bread), cheese and chicken. I often use olive oil, mayo and butter. I try to add some leafy green vegetables as often as I can with no abuse.

    My supplementation consists of whey, multi-vitamins and minerals and Metamucil for fibers. I might as well get some creatine next week.
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  2. DoctorX2k2 May I suggest you NOT use ALA on your carb days? This might reduce your insulin spike and believe me, you WANT the insulin! The ALA will be very good the day AFTER your carb-up to clear the bloodstream of glucose and get into ketosis faster. As an antioxydant it can be taken all week, actually, but it will make you hungry at first.

    Creatine is a great idea, althouth you can only take it on the weekend. You may also want to add a large celery stalk every meal, or some metamucil. You'll need SOME fiber at first, for SURE.

    When did you do you VO2MAX test then?

    Do you plan on skipping your first weekend carb-up?

  3. He can take the creatine ED in his PWO shake of whey/dex. Your ratios are off slightly. The diet is more about fat consumption. You have what appears to be too much protein. Visit this site for more info:

  4. DoctorX2k2 are those gram ratios or calorie ratios?

  5. More likely grams :P
    Oh yeah I forgot to add Metamucil in the supplement list...
    As for ALA, I'll use it as you suggested.

    My vo2max test was on my 2nd keto day... I was anormaly weak working out later that day, which is, of course, due to the lack of glycogen.

  6. So in terms of cals you are about 50% protein 50% fat, neglecting the sugars. Scotty2 is right, a little bit more fat will help. What is your bodyweight?

    OK I made my fitday account public :

    My keto started about 18 september, but my first true entries are on Sept. 21st. Feel free to browse. There aren't much weights at the moment in my routine, because I train at home for now. Keep in mind that this is a best-case scenario because the metabolic shift is faster the 3rd time around than the first.

  7. Well Im trying to get as many fats in as possible... the ratios I wrote aren't accurate either. Everything I eat has fats and proteins and very low or no carbs. Im pretty my fat intake is higher.

  8. Beginning of 6th day... last night I really started to feel weird and a little depressed. Anyways, Im down to 196. I hope not to go below 190. If I could just stay at 195 and lose fat it would be perfect. I dont know if Im a fat burning machine yet, but Im a pissing machine for sure .

  9. Lol yeah. The slight depression is due to a long-time no-carb effect on the brain's neurotransmitters. It will be fine soon. I always feel that way in the beginning. Tomorrow is saturday. Are you skipping your first carb-up?

    Don't worry about your bodyweight at first. You're losing water. Have you been looking at my fitday log for pointers/comparison where you're at?

  10. Yes, I am skipping the first carb-up.
    As for the fitday log, well my food intake is similar to yours. Other than that I thikn I`m doing pretty fine.

  11. First week over. Down to 196. Skipping first carb up. Everyone around me eat junk food in my face but I resist . Although a few people around me think I wont go through it, the worse week is behind me.
    Im starting to see a bit more depth, can't wait to see the results in a few weeks.

  12. Jesus... I had a workout this afternoon and I almost fell asleep 1 hour after I was done. I felt so tired. Maybe that's because I had to wake up twice last night to go to the bathroom... More on that later!

  13. DoctorX2k2 I think that's normal... You're JUST ABOUT to undergo the deep metabolic shift. I felt the same last week a few times. Hehehe you gotta work THROUGH that too... How did the workout go though?

    Keep it up! :-)

  14. The workout was better than the previous ones actually... but still, I cannot lift as much as I used to. Strenght should be back soon

  15. Wow... Im starting to see some abs appear this morning! I haven't seen that since High School! I'll weight in next Saturday.

  16. Hey man I'm looking at your first post in this thread about your caloric intake and I think it's a little on the low side for the kind of training you do... Of course, seeing your abs magically appear IS kinda nice, right?

    Anyways, how about going for 3500 cals once you've got all the chicks in the gym staring at you?

  17. I get about 3000 calories a day... I haven't exactly counted, I have no scale to mesure grams and everything, maybe I should buy one. I said I would weight in next Saturday because I've just got an electrical scale that is somewhat innacurate. From what it tells me, I went up 1lb(197lbs) since the initial water loss. If the weight gain is actually real... then it's PERFECT!

  18. As for the chicks staring at me... well I don't know what's up in Qc but I never see the same chicks twice. They seem to give up training pretty quickly.

  19. Luna... Tomorow's my first carb-up. I workout in the afternoon, should I start eating carbs right after it? Im thinking of eating a few fruits prior my workout to prepare my liver and then workout, get some whey with oatmeal preworkout and carb load until Saturday 18:00. Sounds right?

  20. Well, I suggest NO CARBS before working out. You'll know why AFTER you begin carbing up. Well, I'mma tell you right now, but you'll really FEEL what I mean afterwards.

    The carbs will make you feel very relaxed, lazy. If you can at all, train earlier on saturday and hit the carbs right afterwards. A good weight-gainer drink is really good. You don't have to mind the glycemic index of your carbs, either. Oatmeal or Ice cream, it doesn't matter. You're there for the insulin spike.

    You can even train on an empty stomach right after getting up if you're going to eat carbs and whey right afterwards. This is not like carb-based diets: your energy level should be good even after 8 hours without food.

    Seriously though I think carbs prior to training isn't that good an idea, but if you have to, try it and see how you feel. What I personnally prefer doing is to concentrate my carb-up to less than 2 full days and go a liitle gung-ho in terms of food quantity. I have a fat breakfast, train, then eat like a pig. I like it.

    So how's the energy? Did you feel like coma after your workout today?

  21. Eh it was a day off today, but I feel more energized all day long since yesterday... I even had trouble to fall asleep *cough*. I used to yawn all the time but it's gone. As for working out saturday morning, I can't really move my schedule because my training partner works early the week-ends. I planned to carb-up from Friday 2pm to Saturday 6pm so that's 28 hours... is it enough? On Friday, I'd have a fat breakfast and lunch then I'd train and eat like a pig until carb up time is over. Or should I stop carbing up at midnight? Alright about the weight gainer, I'll throw in a plenty of high GI sugars .

  22. Yeah, 28 hours is allright, but just make sure you pig out for REAL now OK?

  23. I started carbing up after my workout on Friday afternoon... my stomach had hard time digesting the enourmous amount of food I ate. I weighted 198 this morning and I can still see my new upper abs that appeared at the begining of the week. My first carb up session is over in 20 mins. I'll throw in some HIIT cardio this week, thinking of Wednesday and moderate cardio on Monday and Thursday. I am feeling great. Keto rocks.

  24. Glad to hear it DoctorX2k2. Keep it up. Also, I think you will find that the weektime gets easier and easier on you. Hey here's something I like: the keto ham & cheese sandwich.

    Take 2 thick slices of ham, fry them in the frying pan. Add a thick layer of mozzarella cheese on one slice after flipping it over, then cover the cheese with the second slice. Simple, fast and YUMMY :P

  25. Sorry for the late update.
    After the carb up I weighted 199 on Sunday morning and now(Tuesday) Im down to 195 totally deshydrated. I'll throw some HIIT Cardio tomorow morning. No noticable progress in body composition since last week.


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