My Keto experiment

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  1. Had a Back/Bi workout this afternoon... damn my arms are so much more vascular than they ever been. Strenght is back to normal

  2. Most of what you lost is water. You may want to supplement with SEA salt, not table salt, as these diets tend to have you excrete your electrolytes. Sea salt is balanced in sodium/potassium so it's the only way to go for the athlete. Leaning out isn't your main goal though, so no need to cut calories any more. Right?

    Stregth back to normal is good. How is your stamina doing? That's the main thing this diet will do for you, I believe it will let you bench lots of reps quicker...

    What are you main lifts now and what are your goals?

  3. Leaning out is the priority for now as I've read that carrying 5lbs of fat slows you down by 6% on your 40 yard dash. If I can get to [email protected]% by mid November I'll be more than happy. Then I'll slowly and carefully get carbs at specific times and lean bulk until August. I dont know yet about stamina because Im doing an abbreviated Westside routine. I'll test them all at the end of this cutting cycle.

  4. Started carbing up again... damn it, the "eat till you puke" would fit very well here, cause I almost puked for real ah ah. I was down to 193,5lbs this morning. Hopefully wont go under 190 but as long as I dont lose muscle mass, Im happy. Not much noticable fat loss this week except a bit more of vascularity.

  5. So after this you will be in week 4? That's great. In my experience, weeks 4 to 6 is when energy really increases. As you can see, my log on is not updated... I dropped it as I again got a feel of how much I need to eat without too much trial/error. Damn, and that girl left coke and chocolate cupcakes in my fridge!

    Again, how tall are you?
    Is the training the same as before you went keto?
    Tell us how you feel, how your lifts are going, and your stamina?
    Are you getting closer to your goals?

  6. Im 6'0... so far I feel great, more energized all day long and of course, pumped on carb ups. My training style was different before I went keto. I used to do BSF but Im now doing an abbreviated Westside routine ala Iron Addict with some plyos on off days. As for stamina, I don't see any real changes other than normal : I try to push more weight or more reps every week as usual. Im getting closer to my 10% BF goal and my vertical leap went up 1 inch. Anyways, once Im done with cutting, I'll start bulking and kick some supplements in like creatine and glutamine. I know I could use them now but I prefer saving moneyfor later.

  7. Results are coming slowly but surely... I prefer when things arent too fast so it's real . I changed the way I work out my arms... I dont seem to respond to low volume, I havent gained strenght on bi/tri for a month and half, although my chest/back did. So Im gonna throw in a few more sets. As usual, a little more depth and vascularity showing.

  8. Damn it, I want more abs!!!!!!! I can't seem to lose fat around that region. I haven't seen any improvements in the past 2 weeks. Although I lose weight, hopefully fat, but Im not sure where it comes from. Or maybe my abs are just undertrained but I don't think it's the problem. I'll throw in another HIIT Session and see what happens.

  9. Hey doc, just run us by your training schedule again please? How much sleep are you getting? How frequently do you eat?

  10. I eat 5-6 times a day. And yes I usually get enough sleep : between 7 and 11 hours but mostly 8+

    Here's my schedule :

    Friday : Chest/Tri/Shoulders

    Saturday : Off

    Sunday Night : Legs/Abs

    Monday : Back/Bi

    Tuesday : HIIT Cardio on morning

    Wednesday : Off

    Thursday : HIIT Cardio on morning

  11. Well if you really need to cut, the ECA stack does wonders with a ketogenic diet. Which week are you in now?

    The workout schedule looks good. Are you taking carbs during the week? The only thing *I* might see is to try low-intensity aerobics for 60 minutes at a time on an empty stomach (+eca if you'll do it)... That might be even better than HIIT for you, we're all different.

  12. Wont endurance screw me up for sports? Plus I don't really have 60 mins ahead of me in the morning. I don't have an ECA stack for now but I use caffein pills. Im ending my 4th week this next Sunday. As for carbs in the week, I sure get under 20 grams a day. It's just the damn love handles that wont go away! Anyways, if they dont go away now they will in a few weeks... otherwise Im not losing fat as I thought


  14. Oh they will, they will. Low-intensity aerobics won't do anything to you except burn the fuel. What I find is that for a lot of people, high-intensity training makes them hungrier and this often offsets the fat-burning effect because they have a real hard time keeping the cals down.

    Of course hunger isn't such a problem on a keto. Still, low-intensity is pretty good that way. Here's something to try : do your HIIT before breakfast. You have plenty of energy available at waking up, this isn't like the carb-based diet where you are depleted in the morning : as long as you have any visible subcutaneous fat left, you have enough energy to run a marathon or two, all available to do your bidding.

    Next week you might want to begin thinking about a "mid-week carb spike", that is a dring of 1000 cals total made with high-GI carbs AND about 75g of whey protein. This packs a serious punch and might actually increase your fat-burning. If I remember correctly, you carb-load beginning after your friday afternoon workout so the "mid-week" spike for you would be tuesday. Immediately after HIIT looks allright to me. If you do your HIIT on an empty stomach at wake-up, your GH will truly be at its MAX after the session so that's ideal for the insulin.

    Hey and this leaves you having to make breakfast after HIIT only on thursday.

  15. Great inputs Luna... thanks a ton.

  16. Hey all you're missing for the ECA stack is some ephedrin. I highly recommend it since you're young and in good shape. As long as you don't go overboard with it, it really kicks ass on a keto diet.

    It's a pleasure to help, really.

  17. Yay... had a back/bi workout today... I pulled 3 more reps than usual on preacher curl even though I was really tired because I had hard time sleeping last night. I guess the last week high volume workout I did busted my plateau. As for fat lost, I have absolutly no idea where this is going... I think I see improvements but maybe it's just my brain cause I havent lost weight for a week, that's why I threw in another HIIT session. I'll buy a skinfold caliber someday and figure it out.

  18. I didn't do the HIIT and mid-week carb spike because I figured out I failed to go back under ketosis after last carb-up because my fat intake wasn't high enough although I ate well under 20g of carbs. So today I went to the grocery and bought a few fatty food I missed and I'm starting to feel ketosis again. Trust me I wont do this mistake again . I will continue for a few more week after the initial 8 weeks are over because I was holding more fat than I thought. Then I'll clean bulk from mid-December to August hoping to get at least 10 pounds of LBM.

  19. I tested my max bench yesterday. Last time I did that was hmmm 1 month ago. Well guess what. My bench went up 15lbs! West Side rocks!

  20. So west side and keto seems like a good combo? That's nice to hear, I haven't tried that one yet. Thanks

  21. Well this week, I made sure I'd go back into keto as fast as possible... ALA helped some. I upped the fat intake and I could already feel brainfog Sunday night. This morning I weighed 192.5 ... my last carbup really sucked. Darn friend bd party.

  22. Update... Im down to 189lbs and my waist is down 2,5 inches since I began. I'll continue this for 3 more weeks then I'll start clean bulking my way back up to 200+ while hopefully lowering my BF%.

  23. Im done... for now. I dropped 13lbs and went from an o-pack to a 4-packs which is awesome. I'll be clean bulking for 6 months and might get back into ketoing in June.

  24. Congrats!!!! Good luck on your lean bulking endeavor.

    BTW, one of the better cutting threads out there.


  25. I had weird digesting problems in the past 2 weeks... I think it may be caused by milk products or something.


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