Loose skim after extreme weight loss

  1. Loose skim after extreme weight loss

    OK here it is, I am 21 years old now, about 5;9 180lbs. I lost about 90lbs around the age of 12 or 13, I went about it the totally wrong way, I wouldnt eat anything all day and I did hours of cardio. I was average losing about 8-10lbs a week, totally unhealthy. My hair stopped growing and I bruised very easily, thats besides the point. I have a large amount of loose skin on my lower abdominal area, my hips and on my chest. I have filled some of it in and bullked up, I am about 12% bf and my abbs are visible. I was wondering if anybody had any advice they could offer, it's not a big deal, it's just about being self concious.

  2. It is going to depend on the amount of loose skin that you have. If the loose skin has lost most of its elasticity, then the only effective form of treatment would be surgical removal of the lose skin.

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