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    Hey, I've hit a rough patch and could use some competent advice
    For the past month I have been cutting:

    2300 Cals 300g Protein 100g Carbs 75g Fat with 30 min. 3.5 mph 15 degrees 3-4 times a week (I have always been a chronic undereater, which is my theory on why I can drop my cals very low and hold on to most of my lbm)

    I'm now 6' 205 ~11-12% bf. Down from 210 16% bf so things have been going well.

    I am also using Epistane 30mg ed to preserve mass

    Here's the s****y part- saturday night I went out dancing and tore my patellar tendon. Kill me please. It's a six week rehab and I'm in an immobiliser thoughout.

    The advice I need is 'what should I do to keep cutting without the cardio?'
    I figured I would take my cals down under 2000 with the same macro ratio. Then I'd cut my rest between sets to 30 seconds and take my reps up above 15 so as to burn more calories during the workout.
    Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated. Im pretty depressed right now. This is my first cut and it was going great.

    Also, I have some ephedra on hand, could I use it to further speed metabolism while bed-ridden?

    Lastly, I have a percocet prescription- How is that going to interact with the test and/or ephedra, if at all?

    Thanks a lot

  2. Sounds like you're good to go, as far as I can tell, though I'm no expert.

    Personally I'm an endo so I would have to drop my carbs if I wasn't as mobile as usual.

    I think the Perc may increase water retention that case I'd try to cope without it, or take as little as possible. Keep your Na/K balance in check. Then again I am not 100% sure about the possible sides from that drug.

    Good luck man, you are in a tough spot! Horrible timing too, you have beach season coming right up!

  3. Thanks bro. I appreciate the response.
    Anyone else?

  4. thats a tough one man...i ballooned up after i blew out my patellar playing rugby...i would definately say to watch your intake closer than usual though because its so easy to store with the decreaed activity. the decreaed rest time seems like a good idea to increase heart rate while lifting.

    on a side note that seems like a short rehab time though. i was in the imobilizer for 3-4 weeks then had around 3 months of rehab 4 days a week. that was also sped up so i could play again in the fall.

  5. How does it feel now? Did you fully recover?

    Just got back from a knee specialist. She checked out my MRI and came to the conclusion that the only way I could have partially torn a bunch of my patellar ligaments was through patellar dislocation

    I don't know how the **** I didnt feel that dancin,' but w.e. Makes me feel manly.

    Im in the Immobiliser for 3 more weeks now, then physical therapy, so you were pretty much spot on. Ah well, Thanks Bro




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