Need a Cutting Cycle (first time user)

  1. Need a Cutting Cycle (first time user)

    i am a first time user and plan to do a cutting cycle within the next few months and wanted to be safe and asked experienced people whats best to lose weight mostly around stomach, i understand cardio and a good diet is important but i was wondering what would be a good first time user cycle which isnt to hardcore but will help me lose weight.. i am 6 foot about 240 im not sure what would be a good weight for me im thinking 210 or 215 with muscle not sure. so if anyone could please help me that would be great like i said i am completly new at this.

    p.s. my friend said a 6 week cycle of winstrol would be good> what do yall think?

  2. Beginners of all Ages and Needs: Must Read Basic Nutrional Info

    Read that first. It will give you an idea of what your looking at and a foundation to do further investigating.

    Also winstrol is a steroid, so no that is not good for you.

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