keeping muscle and strenth

  1. keeping muscle and strength

    right need some help here. ive already lost 60lbs but i want to loose another 20 or so. last month i started strenth training and would like to know would this meal plan be ok.[230lbs and 24% bf approx] u=48788

  2. crap how do i make that into a link? ps this will be split up into 5 meals

  3. Great job on the 60lbs dude, Im cutting right now for college football, I had a two concussions in my last game that kept me fromlifting during the holidays to feb so I gained like 5% bf, to get fast I have been on a 45 35 20 diet. ALL I can say is keep protein high, carbs moderate and fat moderate
    Good luck... froma fellow fat man to another, we gotta lose the ***** tits bro

  4. Oh yeah I actually am going up in strength right now, Im close to a 400 lb bench, so close I can taste it. Not sure about muscle though

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