Revised Diet Please Critique

  1. Question Revised Diet Please Critique

    I'm 5'11 169~ 22 years old.

    My BMR is 1845.05 According to the website and I'm looking to hit 160~ And around 7-8%BF

    My Diet Is looking

    2566 Cals Total
    331 G Protein
    52 G Fat
    187 G Carbs
    30g+ fiber a day

    I'm on Multi vit/ Magnesium / Bcomplex / FlaX seed / Dhea / And vit E/ And aminos with Arginine.

    Meal 1 BreaKfast
    2 Tbsp canola oil
    5 eggs 2 whole
    2 Pieces of whole grain Bread or Oatmeal depending on fiber intake. Both Added a Tbsp of Honey/Cinn for Increased Fiber.
    3 Flax oils

    meal 2
    Protein shake w/ Milk
    W/ Watermelon

    Meal 3
    1 cans of tuna
    1 cup of oatmeal

    meal 4
    protein shake 2 tbsp natty pb w/ Milk

    meal 5
    Greek Salad 1 chicken breast
    3 flax oils

    meal 6

    1 chicken breast

    meal 7
    protein shake w/ Milk

    And i Included my The cals for each food, Eating.
    Anything would be great. Ive been doing 1 On 2 off
    Morning Lift: Chest Tris Shoulders Lats Abs
    Afternoon: Back Bis Forearms Legs Abs Cardio 30Mins
    Day off:
    Day off2: Cardio 25-30mins.

    Im still going up in numbers but does it look like i will continue to get to 7-8%, I would love to add Sesamin Oil + Cla when i get the $$. And im seeing just results, just asking the population, because you guys are always helpful.

    2 Whole Eggs
    Calories 160
    Cal From Fat 80
    Total fat 9G
    Cholesterol 430mg
    Sodium 130mg
    12 G Protein

    3 Egg whites
    Calories 57
    Total Fat 0g
    Protein 12g

    Wheat Bread Slice
    110 Cal
    240mg Sodim
    22g Carbs
    1g Fiber

    Protein Shake
    270 Cal
    300mg Sodium
    50G Protein
    14g Carbs

    Pb Natty
    200 Cal
    150 From Fat
    120mg Sodium
    6g Carb
    3g Fiber
    16g fat
    8g Protein

    Protein Shake
    270 Cal
    300mg Sodium
    50G Protein
    14g Carbs

    1 Cup Oatmeal
    300 Cal
    5.0g Fat
    54g Carb
    4g Fiber
    5 Protein

    1 Can tuna
    60 Cal
    1.5g Fat
    33g Protein
    625mg Sodium

    2 Chicken8oz Breast
    482 Cal
    106g protein
    8g fat

    91 Cal
    21 carbs
    2g protein

    15 Cal
    3g Carbs

    50 Cal
    45 Cal fat
    5g Fat
    360mg Sodium
    2g Carb


    63Cal 17g carb
    Cinn 1tbsp
    18cal/4g Fiber/5g carb
    Chilli Powder`1tbsp
    24 Cal/76mg sodium/4g carbs/3g fiber

    90 Cal
    125mg Sodium
    12g Carb
    8g Protein

    Thanks brosefs.

    Day 1: Burning ~400+1302+1845 <running+workingout+bmr
    Burn About 3457
    Eating 2645
    Day 2: Burning ~1845
    Burn About 1845
    Eating 2645
    Day 3: Burning ~1845+400
    Burn around 2245
    Eating 2645

    So in a week i Eat
    18515 Cals
    Burn About ~
    3457+1845+2245+3457+1845+2245+ 3457 +3850 For sleeping + 500-1000 Other Misc. .22901-23401

    Should i maybe up the intensity of the cardio?

  2. Any1? lol

  3. Diet looks pretty solid. Besides the listed mushrooms and such are you taking in any other vegetables (broccoli, asparagus, etc)? Also what type of protein shake is in meal 7?

    However can you elaborate on your training split, I am a little confused on what you are doing (from what you wrote I took it as you are doing 1 on 2 off double workouts hitting each body part in those 2 sessions). If thats the case how has that been working?
  4. Arrow

    Broccoli potatoes,Lettuce, peas, corn, I do diff varieties so my diet stays fresh, and for my training it looks like this

    And the routine is going sickly good strength and numbers still going up these are the older #'s and will be be up bout 10-15~ on everything within 2 weeks.

    Meal 7 Protein is Whey + Soy Due to the fact i need some cash before i pop some Casein protein b4 bed :-/

    And im possibly going to add in Molasses instead of Honey to my diet About same carbs~ but more Potassium

    One Day (Double) on & Two Off
    One Day on with cardio 30mins
    Dayoff with cardio 30 mins

    Morning Chest Shoulders Tris Abs
    Incline Press Db 4x6 50 50 55 55
    Decline BB 4x6 50 50 60 70
    Decline Fly 4x8 15 15 15 15
    Shoulder Press 5x6 60 60 70 70 70
    Lat raise 4x6 20 20 25 30
    Shrugs 4x6 70 70 75 75
    Bar Shrug 4x10 80 80 80 80
    Rear Delt Db 4x8 15 15 20 20
    Tri pushdown 4x12 60 60 60 65
    Tri extension 5x6 55 60 65 70 75
    kickbacks 2x15 20 20

    crunches with ab ball and weights 4x20
    crunches ball behind neck 3x15 <-medicine ball
    leg raises on bench 5x15

    Afternoon Legs Bis Abs Forearms
    Leg Press 5x6 90warmup 110 130 180 200 220
    Leg Extension 5x6 50 60 70 70 70
    Leg Curls 4x8 50 50 60 60
    Calf raises w/ Db 4x10 60 60 65 70
    Wide grip pull-down 5x6 80 80 100 120 120
    Rows 5x6 140 160 180 180 180
    Reverse grip pull-down 4x6 50 60 70 80
    Obliques with ab ball and med ball 5x20
    Side Bends 4x10
    Stabilizers 4 @ 30 seconds
    Bicep Hammer curls 4x6 35 40 45 50
    Concentration Curls 4x6 20 25 30 30
    palm toward body 1x10 25
    Straight bar/easy curl bar 4x6 50 50 50 50
    Forearm curls 4x12 40 40 45 50
    w/ straight bar 3x15 30 30 30 40

    And Just added in Deadlifts Yesterday,
    Used to 450x6 :-O

  5. If its working than more power to ya, very unique training split though.

    As far as pre bed, you don't have to to use a powder. If you want just pick up some cottage cheese and do that (I personally do fat free cottage cheese with either almonds, flax, or natty pb and broccoli).

    Keep it up man and you will be at 7%.

  6. Thank ya and i used to do the cottage cheese thing but my god did it KILL ME lol, gag reflex+ cottage cheese = ya... lol

    And in 8weeks we'll see the major change

  7. Any other opinion's hos! haha

  8. Jesus christ! how many sets are you doing per workout???

    Talk about overtraining your ass off... if i did that my muscle mass would be gone from the cortisol shooting the hell up regardless of food intake.

  9. Haha, Ya i but my strength was going thru the roof on this routine in just 2 weeks i went up from 60-70's in barbell shoulder presses to 90-100's :P but i changed it up now since im shooting for one muscle group a week for the maximal growth but it was a fun routine while it lasted


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