Want to get more cut and not put on that much mass!Any and all info would help!

  1. Thumbs up Want to get more cut and not put on that much mass!Any and all info would help!

    I currently 185,but was 164 at 11% BF about 4 or 5 months ago.Needless to say i went back to school and lacked on the gym for 2 semesters and gained it all back.

    I was eating 6 times a day while active in the gym.I worked out for an avaergae of 2 hours a day.
    10 minute cardio
    Bout an hour on the weights
    then the rest of the 45 minutes or so straight cardio

    I was intaking

    300 grams protein
    28 grams carbs 3 days out of the week for each day
    60mg efedrine a day
    Using Geared Up Torque (4 tablets a day)
    And drinking about 1 1/2=2 gallons of water a day

    Its very easy for me to gain and build mass then to lose fat
    and become more cut and tight.I cant however now take efedrine,and would like to know what is the bets known fat burner,and anabolic i can use to get cut out without putting alot of mass on.More definition preferred.

    If anyone knows any better things i can do.Eating ,supplements etc.Please let me know!

  2. You do know that torque is a steroid, right?
    M.Ed. Ex Phys


  3. I later found out yes. I want to avoid using anything like that.Do you know of anything i can use to help achieve what im trying to do?

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