Cellucor d4

  1. Cellucor d4

    What do you all think about the fat burner Cellucor d4?

  2. Quote Originally Posted by classic27 View Post
    What do you all think about the fat burner Cellucor d4?
    What interests you about it? I'm curious to know how you asked about this product among the sea of other fat burners.

    EDIT: see this link: Cellucor Exposed - Bodybuilding.com Forums

    Then come back to this forum cause AM. com kikz azz ;D

  3. well i have two bottles of d4 from a gnc i used to work at. i have taken a pill of d4 here and there for energy but never for more than one day in a row. Now im thinking about taking them for a few weeks before i go to the beach. i was just wondering what other people have experienced with them.

  4. Hey. I have been using burners on an off for about 3 or 4 years now.

    Just got d4 and been using it for about a week. I find it very weak.
    The first day was good. I had a boost, but that was gone in an hour or so. After that, minimal effects at best.

    I find it also has no appetite suppression what so ever. I get hungry all the time on it. I only need to lose like 5 lbs maybe 10lbs. And then I will have perfect abs. It's really pissing me off I bought these pills and not another brand.

    All the sites list how strong it is, yet I find myself taking 2 pills 3 times a day as apposed to 2 pills twice a day, to feel any effect from them.

    I have had better results from t3 or hydroxy.

    The best results I had, were from some cheap pills I bought. Can't remember the name, but they were likely the cheapest ones there. Not sure if they still sell them.

  5. i took just one d4 yesterday morning and was actually jittery so much that i decided not to take it today. i must just be really sensitive to caffene. i have never taken fat burners for several days in a row and i dont consume too many berverages with caffene either. i just have some diet mt. dew every once in awhile or a pre workout drink and thats about it.



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