Change Protein??

  1. Change Protein??

    Hi im uising Optimum nutrition 100% whey for my morning shake and 11am snack!

    My goal is fat loss

    Would i have any advantage or disadvantage of changeing to a blend such as sytrax matrix for these shakes?

    I have 100% isolate for PWO

  2. something along the lines of Syntrax Matrix would be solid for meals that will be followed by a long absence of another meal. Mixed protein sources (especially those contain slow digesting types) are great for maintaining blood levels of Amino Acids, nitrogen retention, and offering a fully variety of amino acids.

  3. i eat every 3 hours without fail so should i just stick to what i use already? ON 100% whey?


  4. 3 hours is a good amount time in between meals to use a mix of proteins when using a powder (assuming that these meals only protein sources are the powder?).

    Whey will digest in about an hour to 1.5 hours so if you are going 3 hours it would be wise to try the Syntrax or eat more frequently.

    However if at all possible in these meals it would be beneficial to add in some whole food protein sources. Take the whey with some skim milk or cottage cheese and you will be good to go (or just swap out the powder for some chicken, tuna, or lean steak/beef source).

  5. Thanks for your advice very useful!

    Think ill give matrix ago with the following

    Morning shake!
    1 schoop msytrax matrix!
    25g oats
    2 eggs

    1 scoop matrix
    25g of mixed nuts!

    Sound ok?

    The rest of my meals are whole foods!

  6. Looks fine to me. You are getting in eggs and oats in meal 1 and some healthy nuts in meal 2 which are all great whole food sources.


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