Trying to cut BF....any advice welcome

  1. Trying to cut BF....any advice welcome

    Long time listener here, first time poster....hoping some of you veterans could give some good advice. I'm 27 y/o, 6 feet tall and 248lbs. with roughly 30% BF, pretty athletic and fairly strong. My goal now is 100% dropping BF and maintaining LBM, I don't care to increase LBM as my estimates are in the 170-175 lb. range. I've been full body resistance training M-W-F (mostly body weight and resistance bands) at a pretty good clip (avg. heart rate in the 140bpm and max usually hitting 170bpm), about 25 minute sessions with 45 second breaks after every 2 sets and T-R-Sa I've been doing intervals on the elliptical (3 intervals of 40-60 seconds all out and 2 minutes recovery with 5 minutes warm up and 5 minutes cool down).....generally I get my heart rate into the upper 170s bpm and average around 130bpm which includes all the warm up and cool down. I'm supplementing with guarana at the beginning of the day, omega 3 (fish oil) and omega 6 (CLA) 6 times per day, with each meal. Also supplementing with sesamin on meals 1, 3, 5 and just started on Lean Xtreme 6 days ago. I've been at this same schedule for 3 weeks and somehow jumped up 2 lbs from last week on the weigh in this morning (accounting for a pretty non accurate BF measurement on the bathroom scale, I decreased BF from 31.0% to 30.5%).......

    OK, after that background, my question to you more knowledgeable folks.....should I start stacking the HIIT training on resistance days after the workout to increase recovery time or would a test booster (i.e. activate xtreme) help in theory (or really more just a guess) is that I might be overtraining or overtaxing the CNS.

    Also, I failed to mention, my diet has been very clean, each meal consisting of a starchy carb source, a fibrous carb source and lean protein, only exception I generally have a premixed maltodextrin/protein shake after the workout without any fibrous carbs. Also, I have noticed a decreased libido lately and can only attribute it to the ball busting workout.......for the past several years I have lifted "lazy man" style--heavy weight for low reps with lots of rest in between-- which helped to pack on pounds (muscle and fat), but I felt much more energized and libido was higher than it has been these last few weeks.......any suggestions on stacking the resistance and hiit or adding a test booster or other kind of supplement?

  2. Reference this thread: Trying to cut and lean up.

    Please pay particular attention to my posts. Best of luck to you and I highly advise you use the "search" function as your questions have already been asked many times before. There is a LOT of knowledge in these threads my man. Be safe.

  3. gracias

    Appreciate the help, I'll start skimmin through those.


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