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    Hi Guys

    I started a course of 50mg Ephedrine, 200mg Caffeine and I'suffering a lot of one sided headaches. Can someone pls give a hint or know any remedy to eliminate them.

  2. How are you taking it?

    Are you splitting up the ephedrine dosage? 25mg 2x/day or all 50mg at once?

    Did you just jump right into 50mg of E, or did you work your way up starting w/ 25mg, assessing tolerence, then bumping it up?

    Are you generally sensitive to stims?

    Are you getting a lot of other C indirectly? What other supps. are you taking?

  3. you might need to drink more water, too

  4. So I take 25mg Ephedrine,200mg Caffeine twice a day and the headaches are random, not everytime I take it.

    Maybe I need to dring more water but I used to take 75mg ephedrine daily without any side effects.

  5. ever consider the "A?"
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  6. It's my 4th day on 25mg Ephedrine 200mg Caffeine and still having light headaches throughout the day.

    Any other tips guys ?

  7. Add Aspirin and drink more water.

  8. I used to get sick headaches if I didn't drink obscene amounts of water on ECA. I would down an entire bottle everytime I felt a headache coming on.

  9. I'll try to drink more water then because I don't drink that much.

  10. adding low dose asprin and drinking much water.
    throw some type of electrolyte blend in the mix too, i seem to sweat so much while using ECAs.
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  11. Today I drank a lot of water and didn't get the headache immediately but in the afternoon got it again.

    2 years ago I used to take 100mg ephedrine with 600mg daily with no side effects. I don't know what's the reason now ?

  12. aswe get older it might be more difficult. I know fo rme it took awhile to adjust


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