Anyone Familiar With Zig Zag Diet, (low cals 5 days, maintenance 2 days)?

  1. Anyone Familiar With Zig Zag Diet, (low cals 5 days, maintenance 2 days)?

    Hey so a couple years back i did something called the zig zag diet. Im sure theres other names for it, but its basically like a calorie cycling diet. You eat 3-500 cals below maintenance and then for 1.5 days you eat maintenance to reset your metablosim.

    I had decent results with this diet a few years back when i was concerned about dropping body fat and not super concerned about preserving my muscle. I cant even remember what my muscle loss was like during that. Im thinking on doing this diet again. Ive put on about 20-30lbs of muscle (about 50lbs total) since then and am trying to cut down without losing all of my muscle. Is this a decent diet for losing fat and preserving muscle, i dont really remember?

    Has anyone had experience with this, and if so how did it work out for you? Ive thought about the carb cycleing but im not sure good i would be at doing that, i love my carbs. Thanks guys!

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  3. Never heard of it. I don't like "diets"...I just keep it low carb from M-F, then the weekends I carb up. Cardio 5x/week, inclined treadmill (level 10 of 15) at 3.2-3.5mph for 45 min.


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