Time 2 cut?!

  1. Time 2 cut?!

    Just finished a 3 month recomp. Been eatin almost whatever i wanted and dropped approx 6% bf and gone up 5 lbs on scale.
    I don't know that i want to really drop weight because im fine with my weight as long as i stay under 195 but i do definitely want to tone more. My upper 4 abs are plainly visible now but my lower ones dont seem to want to come out.
    Can i continue what im doing and see the results i want or do i need to go more of a clean bulk diet?
    Im currently taking whey protein

    curious about taking:
    fat burners???????
    -anyone know of a good one that will shed fat and keep muscle?

    any help would be greatly appreciated. i know that with a little help i can reach my ultimate goals

  2. Just keep your diet clean. The bottom two will come if your training and sleep are correct.

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